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Recently diagnosed with RA - this is my first venture into writing a blog


I'm another new person to this site and have been reading other peoples blogs, so thought it was time i joined in too. It's good to hear from other people with similar symptoms. I was diagnosed with RA in September this year, after having trouble since April , starting with tendonitis in my ankle, and then lots of other pains, especially when I got up from sitting. I had a couple of steroid injections which helped a bit now, am 1 month into sulpha......can't remember how to spell it. and so far it is okay, I really hate taking tablets! still got lots of aches and pains but was told it would take several months before it kicked in. At the moment everything hurts, especially my knees last week when it was really cold. Not sure where it is all going, finding things tough at the moment, trying to ignore all the aches and pains and sorting Christmas. So anyway, just wanted to say hi and join in.

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Welcome to the site and to us folk who also have problems with aches and pains. we know exactly how you feel the sulphasazaline should work after about 8- 12 weeks so you should soon start to see an improvement x

Hi, I was diagnosed in October and am currently on 20mg of MTX (Methotrexate) and 15mg of pred (steroid) I am having lots of pain in my knees hands and feet and recently flared but off to rheumy nurse this afternoon so hopefully will get sorted. Hope you have a good christmas and the pain eases for you.

Gentle hugs

Keep smiling


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Good luck sue at ur appt today.let us know how you get on love Michelle xx

Hi and welcome to this really friendly and supportive site sorry you are still feeling aches and pains but this is a difficult time of year being busy with xmas preparations and the cold damp weather.

remember to look after yourself


Welcome hope the meds start to get a grip. It will - I think this is the most difficult part, it was for me more than ten yearS ago now. Best, cathie

Hi and welcome, isnt it awful just waiting for meds to "kick in" but they will and until then you still have us to moan or gripe with. Take care xx

Hi and welcome hope your meds kick in soon x

Good morning.i am also newly diagnosed,in mid September,on week 12 of mtx and doing fine?my problems started in my ball of foot last December,and onto my fingers knees and shoulders by may.Good luck n the tablets and look forward to hearing from you soon love Michelle xx

Hi All

Thanks for all your comments. It feels really comfortable and welcoming to hear from you all, As its so cold, I've decided to take some ibuprofen as the knees are really aching this morning Will keep in touch, Sue

Dear Warthog,

Is with some sadness that I welcome you to our site, because it means that you are not well as you said.

Here, you'll will find the people who understand you the most, as we are united by a common disease(s). To be honest, I can tell you that I don't like to refer the RA as a disease which it is, however when people are ignorant about it, they think disease equals to contagious.... silly, we know.

Anyway, I think the medication prescribed to you is Sulfasazine and if this is the only one you take, is not a bad perspective and maybe your RA is in a very early stage, which is a lot easier to control and even start in remission.

From my heart I wish that for you, remission, in fact to all.

Otherwise, than our maladies, you are so very welcome and remember that you are never alone.

Recently, we agreed that will be great to meet for a pampering weekend, but after the Christmas of course.

I'm in trouble with my RA with a painful , nasty flare up. Tomorrow morning my rheumatology Consultant will see me, she always does.

I'm in a lot of medications and in July I started self-inject Cimzia and it seems that should be miraculous, however is not working for me.

Anyway, I know she'll take good care of me and this give me comfort and some hope.

Please, ask anything you like and I'm sure that we all feel happy to help based on our own expriences and knowledge.

All the best and take care. :o)

Welcome to the site! Despite being a long-time sufferer, I'm new to the site too and have found it a godsend, especially on the down-in-the-dumps days. Hope your meds start taking effect soon. We're all different but I find on the really achy days the only thing that gives temporary respite is to wallow in a lovely warm bath - the heat seems to seep right into the old joints. In danger of growing fins at the mo :)

hi and welcome i am new on here as well i find everyone helpfull and freindly especially when your having a bad day /more bad than usual you feel as though your not on your own good luck

Welcome!! I'm Shirley, I was also Diagnosed by my GP in the middle of July, But it was confirmed in September by my rheumy, I have also just started my meds Yesterday, So legs crossed at the moment i have no side affect, Really sorry you have had to Join this site, But it is so reassuring to know that there are people that you can moan or just chat to, or even have a good old laugh,

Everyone on here has been really supportive, take care and keep warm, I went shopping yesterday and left my gloves in doors, so i am paying for it today :(shirl xx

Hi Warthog 100, I was diagnosed in Feb this year, started off on MTX but I didn't take to that, it made me very sick and white blood cells kept dropping. I'm now approx 12 weeks into Hydroxychloroquine which seem to be working (fingers crossed) but everybody is different. I struggled enormously emotionally when I was first diagnosed but with the good advice and support of fellow sufferers on this site that keep me going on down days. I also have found a support group near where I live, which helps me too. The best advice I can give is "know your limits" and don't push yourself. RA is like being on a rollercoaster ride, but never being able to get off !!

Take care and hugs



welcome im newly diaginosed and new to this site, but this site is a godsend. if ur having a bad day or just feel a bit peeved u dont get judged and most of us understand. theres some lovely people on here and we all care about each other take care michelle :) x

welcome to the site you will find some verry good support on here

regards john

Hi Sue

I am new to this site as well but not unfortunately to R A. I love this site and everybody on it is so friendly. I have learnt so much abou RA by reading people's blogs. Everybody on here is an absolute godsend. Thanks everybody. Once your medication is sorted Sue you will feel so much better. Keep visiting, you will always be made very welcome

Lots of love Karen x

Hi there ,RA is a horrible disease ....but I have now finished my meds of methotrexate after 5 yrs Itook myself off them moved to the the country make sure no one stresses me out any more..............and my rheumatologist is supporting me too ....hope you get to this stage ..keep STRESS out of your life if you can xx

HI all

Rather than try to reply to everyone thank you all very much for being so welcoming and reassuring etc My dad also had RA so I am now beginning to understand what he went through, some days he couldn't even walk, I am nowhere near that stage. Walking is the one thing I really enjoy and thanks to a steroid injection still managed some shortish walks on holiday in Pembrokeshire this year. I look forward to being a part of your community. Thanks Sue

hi warthog, i have just been taken off sulfasalazine and im MTX now , unfort sulfa didnt work for me , but everone is diff and i hope you get some relief soon, welcome to the site and hope you meet some good friends on here, i know i have.

stay warm and take it easy.

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Thanks Jons So far Sulfasalazine seems okay, I hate the thought of taking drugs continually but having seen my dad with RA and hearing others stories, I count myself lucky that I am only taking one. I've had a great welcome from loads of people

Thanks Sue

Welcome and sorry

Welcome, I am relatively new year and diagnosed the last two years, the best thing about this site for me is having people to understand that other people don't understand, if that makes sense. I hope you feel as at home her as I do :)

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