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To blog or not to blog that is the question?

To blog or not to blog that is the question?

Or should it be what to blog and what not to blog, now that really is the question! So much has happened since my last blog back in March so I will do a quickie synopsis of what I’ve been up to.

I got a lovely welcome from the East Dorset group in April when I popped down to Christchurch then it was off to visit a patient group in Hemel Hempstead the next day. The British Society of Rheumatology Conference was held in not so sunny Brighton also in April and to be honest this year it wasn’t quite so focussed on RA as in previous years which you can read in two ways 1) it means that nothing exciting to report on RA or 2) time to focus on the hundreds of other rheumatological conditions for a change which is only fair.

In late April the wonderful Leicester Group was launched with a full house of patients and health professionals. I did manage to squeeze in some holidays in spring with a quick jaunt to the Isle of Wight and then a week in Ireland. While in Ireland I managed to meet up with two of our overseas members too so that was lovely.

Since then I’ve been to Scarborough, Salford, Lincoln, Durham, Oldham, York, Stevenage, Harrow, Portsmouth, Hillingdon, London, Ilminster and Weston Super Mare and that’s just to name the places I can remember!

The EULAR conference (European Rheumatology) this year was held in the EXCEL centre and it was a great opportunity for us to network with European patient groups and promote our work and services.

However the highlight of the past few months has to be the NRAS Group Coordinators conference in Warwickshire. It is always such a pleasure to be able to meet so many of our fantastic volunteers in one place and witness the wonderful networking between them all. If any of you are reading this blog, “thank you for being such a great bunch to work with”.

So onwards and upwards as I look forward to a busy autumn schedule ahead for Volunteer Network and hope to meet many of you on my travels to patient groups and events.

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Hi Clucky

just wanted to know if there any support groups in warwwickshire


Are there any in Norfolk? LavendarLady


Hi Kate and Lavendar Lady

I have been talking to the rheumatology unit in Warwick about gettting an RA group established there so watch this space.

Norfolk yes there is a group who meet regularly in Great Yarmouth and a non-NRAS group in Norwich. All details of patient groups can be found on our website under help for you section.

Kind regards


Hi Clucky,

I'm a Warwick girl as well and would be more than willing to give my support to a group, and or even be a co-ordinator. I'm a travel consultant by trade and have been off work since January. I may notget back to work as the RA has knobbled my lumber spine. So I may have loads of time on my hands I have practise running clubs as a wife of a now retired soldier, I ran the sqn wives clubs, but my love was to Guides and Brownies even taking on the job as Commisioner overseas in Germany for 2 years as well as running 2 brownie packs and a guide company.Was I mad or what :) Letme know if you need any help.

Its wonderful to hear that there are so many clubs in the country the word is definetly getting out.

Best wishes

Tricia -P


Great blog Clare; one very busy lady! Must be good to get home sometimes :)

The Coordinators Conference was excellent and full of very useful content. Always good to meet other group coordinators and share ideas. Thank you for the time and effort that you and other NRAS staff contributed to make the event so successful. You make a great team :)

Lyn x


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