My first blog - were we brave or mad?

My first blog - were we brave or mad?

Have had RA five years now, had many ups and downs but feel I am getting to grips with the beast now, at least I know when to give up and rest. Last year we achieved our dream, moved to a smallholding in the most beautiful place on earth (North Lancashire, in case you are wondering!) Friends said we were mad and I would never cope. The Hermit is doing his PhD and I am pottering in the house and outside. Two geriatric ponies, a rescue dog and a vegetable garden, what more could a Granny want?

Does anyone else out there still ride? The mucking out always has to be done but a gentle ride on my old friend is the best therapy I know. Can't go today as the roads are too icy, will stay in and make marmalade instead.

Next time you hear from me I may be moaning about symptoms, struggling with meds, thought I would start on a positive note!

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  • Your move sounds day I'd love to escape to the country. Is that one of your ponies in the picture...he/she is gorgeous....animals are wonderful comforters...I have my 2 cats who are always curling up in my lap...or else trying to snuggle into bed with them to bits!

    You sound very happy and long may it continue for you. xx

  • Welcome to this site Grumpyfell. Well you have started your blogs on a very positive note.

    It sounds a wonderful life, far away from all the stresses and strains of daily life in town or city.

    I live in the countryside too, not quite as rural as the setting you live in, but in a tiny village which has only 100 or so houses. I love all sorts of animals, but horses have always facinated me. I don't ride unfortunately, but I am an artist and I enjoy painting them instead.

    We RA people fair better if we have something in our lives which gives pleasure and is theraputic, because stress can make the condition worse, I'm lead to believe!!

    Also, you say that you know when to give up and rest, it has taken me a long time to achieve this, but it pays off doesn't it. All good wishes xx

  • Well I made my marmalade on Sunday...although half quantity this year as chopping the zest was making my hands hurt so the rest of the oranges have been turned into orange curd.....

    We did a similar things, with similar reaction from friends. So now over 2000ft up in the mountains, in a hamlet of about 20 houses, and currently knee deep in snow and -10. Time will tell whether it was the right thing to do, but so far I'm so much happier pottering about even without a horse (just the veg garden and dog). Hope your marmalade turned out well. Polly

  • Hi Polly, have you made the move out to France on a permanent basis? By the sounds of it you have got your dog! One more question, did you use Seville oranges for the marmalade? If so where did you get them in France, as yet haven't been able to find any sevilles. We are also knee deep in snow, but not gone to -10 as yet! Take care Wendy xx

  • nearly! The resolution for 2013 is to do all the bureaucracy to become a resident here, which is all a bit daunting. Starting with the car number plate, and will move on to the medical system and tax eventually. The dog is on loan, but we have first pick of a litter due in March so our own is not far off...

    And the sevilles came from Sainsbury's....I couldn't find them either so got a friend to bring be a couple of kilos when she came to visit! Polly

  • Hello - nice to have you on here and glad you've pursued your dream life to good effect. Its great to read a positive blog from someone new but don't hesitate to moan should you need to. Tilda x

  • I ride, and was one of my markers of improvement in my disease. If I can get on my horse I am well. These days I am trying to remember to take cocodamol before I set off though.

    I have two horses of my own to look after, and a livery pony. They all live outdoors as they are tough hairy natives, and I don't think I could manage the early starts for stabled horses even if I had any stables to put them in. Looking after them is part of what is currently keeping me fit and well (as well as the quantities of drugs, obviously). Wheeling barrows, walking to and fro with feeds and poo-picking, a bit of riding - it's the right level and quantity of exercise for me, and the fresh air helps me enormously, especially if it's sunny. So convinced am I that it's a good thing, I am planning to start a small grass livery yard, so I'll have up to another six ponies to look after, so possibly nine in total. I won't ever be rich, but I'll sleep well at night.

    Lovely to meet another horse-enthusiast :-)

    Dotty xx

  • Good for you. I love your horse. Beautiful. I used to live in Lancashire for 4 years. Beautiful country side.

    Would love to have a small holding with some hens. Doing my massage and mix my own oil potions.

    Need to get our health to the optimum to make a difference...... x

  • Welcome it's sounds a great place I've been on a horse once but got off looking like I was on it for a weeks lol x

  • nice to find a positive blog.. and a light hearted one.. like your lifestyle.. it would suit me.. country .bred .girl.. now living in suburbia unfortunaltely.. havent rode since illness, hands. elbows and wrists too bad x

  • Welcome to the site, you sound like you have a lovely lifestyle. In 2007, we left the rat race in the UK and moved to The Pyrenees in France. Best thing we ever did. continue to enjoy your new life and I hope that you continue to stay well. Wendy xx

  • Thanks Tiger, and everyone else, for your support and lovely comments. Just in case anyone is too envious; today I had two teeth out (sjogrens is wrecking my teeth) and then had a migraine due to missing a meal. Groan.........!! The Hermit helped me muck out in the snow and bitter wind. Grumpyfell

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