I've had good results!! just what i needed:)

i'm so glad to be writing something positive for a change, A part from still having a pain in my gum's :( I am glad to say that my CRP has dropped to... wait for it...10.6, also my ALT has improved to 27, How about that then :):) :) considering over the Christmas my ALT was 53 and my CRP was 92, For my Gums my GP has given me a prescription for some antibiotics should i need them, I'm not walking up and down the stairs properly at the moment,but am noticing a lot off different in my wrist and finger, My GP is very happy with me and has said that it is going the right way, She has still signed me of work at the moment as she still feels it is a bit early, I have another blood test on Monday, and another steroid injection on Friday, If things continue the way they are i could be back to work very soon :)

Thank you Claire it sounds like you were spot on... hope you are all having some good news today, Sending lots of :) :) :) hugs and xxxx

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  • aww thats great news hun its nice t have some good news on here from time to time :))) michelle x

  • Hi Shirley thats great news that your bloods are improving and that your symptoms are getting better I just hope this continues for you as you have been throught the mill and had such disappointments. Hope you get better results from the steroid injection next time as you didnt do so well last time but hopefully now things are settling down you may get a better result this time. will be keeping my fingers crossed for you (if I could)

    take care crisxx

  • Thanks Cris I'm hoping it continue to, we all know what this decease can do, How have you been feeling since we last had a chat?, Have you taken Photo? Hope you have a positive appointment on the 9th.

    Shirley xx

  • Not been too bad hands stiff but not really swollen so just have to see how things go next wed will let you know


  • Yippeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!! Fantastic news well done shirl !!!!!!!!! Your on the right road,and above all keep smiling :)))))):))) xxxxxxxx

  • good results ,,shirl .. thats a massive improvement :)))))) a good start to a new year for you .. keep it up :) xx

  • Thanks Andy, What a turn around, Just need to sort this gum out now, Just on my way to the chemist as it is giving me a lot of pain again chat soon xx

  • Yay , Blimey thank goodness for that u soooooo needed some good news ...onwards and upwards ...xx

  • What lovely news Shirley you must be so pleased, I hope you soon have pain free gums too! I bet your buzzing xx

  • that is a good start to the new year, hope the chemist give you something fo the gum

  • Thanks Mads, My GP in the end gave me a prescription to get some antibiotics, She felt that the dentist should of given me them at the time considering it was a abscess and he new i had RA, But she told me only to get them if the pain got worse, and it did so i got them a couple of hours ago. Take care Shirley xx

  • Great news, long may it continue.

    Mary x

  • hi shirl way to go

    i knew ya where going to come up trumps some how.

    im realy pleased for you

    whats she drinking i will have 2 of them

    mine the 2 times before just whent left me with a few aches in the old knees but hey i could get arround great.

    next job for you pack into your life everyting you can do and want to do shirl dont hesitate if ya feel good.


    great new

    regards john

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