A Positive message on blood results!!!

Hiya hope you are having a pain free day, Well i thought it would be great to give you all some positive news about my resent blood results, Well my ESR is 31 CRP wait for it.........2.7 and my ALT was 30.6, I am really happy with these, what a wonder drug this has been for me, I just wished that it would work as well for all my friends on here.....I am still not walking up and down the stair properly and am still having a flare up now and then, but what a difference it has made since i have been taking the MTX,

Take care XXX

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  • woow and wow what meds have done this for you? well done in pleased for you x

  • aww thats good news hun :) michelle x

  • Lovely news.xx

  • Yipppeeeeeeee !!!!! And long may it continue for you ::)))))))))) xxxxxxxxx

  • Woop woop yes we'll have more of that sort of news please ..that's fab x

  • Good news Shirley, i am going back on metx now as well, hope i have the same results.....If it keeps going like that well you will be up those stairs in no time

  • Great news...Sounds as if you're firmly on the road to remission. Keep going! Pollyx

  • Thats fab news.

    Im soooo happy for you.



  • Brilliant well done! X

  • Thank you all for these lovely messages :) :) It has been a long road not only for me, but for a lot of us on this site, but you have really helped me to keep my spirits up, I have received many great positive message's on here, especially from my special friends, And i know they will always continue......

    lots of love Shirley XXx

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