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home after blood test's

Morning hope you are all pain free today, As you are aware i had to have a second blood test this morning. I had a good chat to the nurse about my CRP, She said that it could of been due to the Flu i had at the time when they took them, She has also took another CRP check as well as a ALT, She also gave me a flu jab, So hoping that these results, which i won't get until the 3rd are a lot better,

Thank you for all your advice and support, Hoping you have a great pain free new year.

Love Shirley xx

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Hope it comes out ok.xxx


Glad you got to speak to the nurse and that you seem a bit happier since hope the results are positive and that you have a good new year



So glad you are more reassured now. Its always worth asking those questions of the nurse or doctor, before starting to think the worst yourself.


Thanks it's also nice to be able to chat to people who will reassure you to, xxx


you sound much better it makes such a difference if we can get talking and feel reassured by the medical people


Phew, glad that got sorted! Flu is so horrid and I'm glad u got the jab as there is still a lot of the flu season to come. I hope the time to you appointment did pass quickly as it was over such a busy period. So hoping the bloods just done come back well for you and you can continue with your treatments, you will have now become an expert with he ups and downs of RA!!! Lol love Axx


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