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Serum iron level to high


my english is very poor sorry :)

I get my blood test result done ,but it look not very good. What is wrong ?

Serum iron level 49 umol/L (7-32)

B12 551 ng/L (211-911)

Serum folate 13.2 ug/L (2.0-11.5)

HB 132.0 g/L (115-165)

MCV 101.1 fL (83-96)

MCH 34.4 pg (27-32)

Serum calcium 2.15 mmol/L (2.20-2.60)

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Unless your medical team have contacted you about these tests then I would not be too worried, as tests results can go up and down.


Are you taking iron or folate supplements? If so, then you might need to check with your GP about that, as you could be taking too much. It would probably be good to ask your GP anyway what it all means. There are some diseases where high iron levels cause problems. They would probably do a repeat test just to make sure it wasn't just an odd reading, but if it persists then you might need to be referred to a haematologist (blood specialist).


No I don't take any supplements. My doctor said he's gonna make appointment with some specialist to check me. But it's gonna take 2-3 months . I worried, I can't wait so long.

I say to my doctor about everything and his send me to do blood test :

I in last 3 months start have pain in left side of my belly,yellow under eyes , headache, dry skin,fatigue all day ,joint pain,depression and more difference simptoms ,my hair get be gray . I am 34 years,i dont drink any alhochol i am mum of four.

And now i need wait 2 months .


12 weeks is the usual target time to be seen by specialists, though you might find you get an appointment well before that. If things get any worse though, make sure you go back to your GP because sometimes they can hurry things up a bit.


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