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Total white cell count 11.7 10*9 (4.0 – 11.0) HIGH

Netrophil count 8.55 10*9/L (1.7 –7.5) HIGH

Monocyte count 0.9 10.*9/l (0.2 – 0.8 ) HIGH

Protein electrophoresis

Serum total protein 73 g/l (64 –83)

Serum albumin 50 g/l (35 – 52)

Serum globulin 23 g/l (20 – 37

Report will be filed as 44N.. serum protein electrophoresis (potentially abnormal)

Erythrocyte sedement rate 13 mm/h (0 – 7) HIGH

Reumatoid factor < 20.0 iu/Ml (0.0 – 20.0)


Serum cretin Kinas level 88 U/L (39 – 308 )

Serum c reactive protein level NOT DETECTED

CANCA P-ANCA will be filed as 43b8 .00 ANCA PATTERN




Serum vitamin B12 315nl /L (191 – 663)

Serum FOLATE 14 UG/l ) (3.1 – 17.5)

I have more info but looks to me that the ( ) fig is the range it should be in the fbc i have put whats reading high any help appretiated for tomorrow

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I don't think any of these results are much of an indication of what you are experiencing by way of pain so I wouldn't expect a rheumy to make any diagnosis on the basis of them unless they say you are sero negative and that would have to be by symptoms alone. You have put that your ESR is high but it's not really, it's only very slightly raised. Mine came back as 54 today and although I'm a woman so my normal range may be higher than yours to some degree - my first apt with my rheumy he still said "inconclusive" when it was at 60 and my rheumatoid factor was a low positive of 24. I'm just trying to warn you that your blood markers are very normal looking - even the ones you say are high are only very marginally high. My rheumy went by my knuckles being swollen and a bit discoloured and the middle joints on my fingers too. I think there are certain classic features that go with RA that can be the most helpful thing clue to diagnosis.

Because you are paying for this you can at least expect a proper full length discussion about your problems and should have all your questions answered so good luck! Tilda


Yes, the blood doesn't look that conclusive as not that high. Most rheumy's will diagnose on a mix of your symptoms, blood results and by feeling how your joints are. which can be helpful, and it was in my case as my blood results have never been very high either.

If I were you I'd make sure that I had a good list of my symptoms but try to keep an open mind about the diagnosis and leave that to the rheumy. There are so many different diseases that have similar symptoms that it's probably best not to assume what it could be in advance. Just keep asking whether whatever he or she suggests would explain all your symptoms. Good luck. Pollyx


I think if I was 'going private' I'd ask the Rheumy to explain which of the readings s/he takes most notice of when trying to make a diagnosis & make a note of what s/he says there and then. For example, Erythrocyte sediment rate (ESR) is often discussed on this site so it might be interesting to hear how important your Rheumy thinks it is.

But as the others have already said, the Rheumy should be looking at the whole caboodle, not just the bloods.

Good luck!



many thanks to you all will let ya know how i get on


many thanks


I found myself reading your healthy white cell count and feeling quite envious :)

did you know about the scan that can be done to check for the fluid around joints? although on my first visit to the consultant there was visable swelling he still showed me on a scan to see what was causing the problems.

Because your bloods are giving much away; this could help?


what scan is this not had this done just nerve tests in me legs



An ultrasound scan; but when i tried to google it there wasn't much evidence (that i could find) of it being widely used, not sure why some consultants do or don't but did read that it may help with diagnosis.

Poor you, what a palava your having!


Hi Minka

Hopefully the consultant should be able to explain what this all means to you in more detail tomorrow but there is a website you may find quite useful called LabTests Online. It has details of many different blood tests including what the results mean, when it is requested and what is actually being tested:

As the others have mentioned the diagnosis of RA is not usually made on blood tests alone. It is likely that the consultant will speak to you about your symptoms, examine your joints, look at the blood results and may request some further x-rays or scans. You can read more about the process of diagnosis on our website:

I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate



hi saraha

this was most interesting couldnt find the limits for the blood test but

i did come across reactive arthritus

and given that its the 3rd time i have had this and its come and gone after 10 months of pain it got me thinking a bit but i may find out tonight when i see the rumi guy

only thing is last time it didnt affect me hand joints or arm joints but ya never know

just left me with clunks in me knees that didnt bother me much and i just when and did me swimming

many thanks


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