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Hello, My father just had a slight pain in his right abdomen. First up we just thought it would have been a normal pain and he self medicated and took some pain killers, but later on it didn't show any indications of stopping. We went, consulted to a doctor, took injection nothing actually worked on. Then the doctor suggested us to take some X-rays / CT scan and some blood tests.. in which some results were abnormal were "Gall Bladder well distended and CONTAINS SLUDGE" and the blood report it came out to be CRP Level 13.1 (Which normal rate should be <=6). We've done CT scan and the results are yet to come out. But I'm totally worried about this. Please tell me what does those two means (SLUDGE and CRP Level) ?? Is it anything serious?! What are the risks ?! Measures to control CRP?! Thanks in advance.

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CRP is a measure of inflammation/infection. It's not something you can control directly. Treatment of whatever is causing the inflammation/infection will bring it down to normal limits.

Sludge in the gallbladder means that there aren't any stones as such but that the stone forming process could be underway. There is fluid in the gallbladder that is more viscous than normal bile should be. This doesn't drain out as bile should, because it's too thick. Gradually clumps form & then you've got stones. Anything pooling like that can be a focus for infection/inflammation.

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Thank you so much for the reply.. I've updated the post with the remarks of CT scan reports taken today! Please explain me the first two points as the others seems to fine.


Please take you father to a specialist who can explain this to you or may do more test to identify the problems you father has been experiencing.


the queries after "Thickening of the cystic duct" mean that the person reporting does not know what is causing it, but is putting forward some suggestions to see if it fits with the clinical picture. The number of question marks - one means possible, two means unlikely, in my opinion.

And it may mean that a gall stone has been passed and caused some inflammation.


Hello. I'm afraid we aren't medically trained to advise you - but for what it's worth your father's doctor may be looking for a condition called Cholecystitis - an infection of the gallbadder. His CRP isn't very raised - I had an abdominal sepsis/ Cholecystitis recently and my CRP went from 36 to 161 in a few days. I hope this puts your mind at rest a little. This community is for people suffering from rheumatoid/ inflammatory arthritis so you might get more responses if you try a community which focusses on gallbladder and GI issues.

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