Hi everyone, can l wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year which is as pain free as possible, l have had Ra and Fibromyalgia plus other seemingly minor problems for a few years now but l am h aving problems with Antidepressants, l have been on 3 different ones but due to a massive fallout with my Daughter l am having problems sleeping, after a chat with my GP she changed my last Ante Ds Duloxitine 60mgs taken am to Mirtazapine 15mgs taken pm, l started on Sunday last and they worked for 2 nights l had a great sleep ( heaven ), now l can't sleep at all until at least 4am, you can imagine how l'm feeling.l know l need to talk to GP again but l'm thinking it may not be the tabs but my constantly going over the argument with my Daughter. Does anyone know of a forum where l can discuss my aprons. P.S. am waiting for Counselling which could take up to 3 months. Thanks for any info you can give me and sorry for going on xx

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  • Personally I would run back if you can run that is, I can't run unless I'm on all fours and then I can and run as fast as a man who being bloody stupid on my hands and knees. Get back to your docs and tell them the pills aren't working good enough and demand some help and support, I don't have any problem getting to sleep, there are two ways that I use, 1/ I say something bad to my Mrs and she knocks me out or 2/ lie( I don't mean telling fibs) I lie on the edge of the bed cos I soon fall off, magic.

    Good luck honey.


  • Ha ha Phillip that's a whacky way to sleep and as for all for 4s well l would roll very easy if the GP was downhill lol, l'm going to spam to her ( fingers crossed ) on Mon if l can't watch out for the news reports of the zombie rolly pollying around kent over Christmas lol x

  • Have you tried amitryptiline for sleep? It's an old tricyclic anti d, but it's rarely used for depression these days. Helps with pain and sleep. I take 30mg at night. Docs sometimes prescribe alongside other antidepressants if they are too activating. Not sure if it's compatible with the one you're taking. But I'd go back to your GP.

    I can't take antidepressants as they send me manic, and I never sleep! Low dose amitryptiline seems fine.

    Zero sleep is grim and I feel for you.

  • Thank you Netty, yes l was on Ami when l was first diagnosed with Fibro but didn't make any difference, l will see my GP on Mon if l can xx

  • I'm sorry that falling out with your daughter has upset you so much it's affecting you so, that must really hurt. Just to continue the amitriptyline suggestion, can I ask what dose you managed to reach before deciding it wasn't the one? I ask because if the dose was too low it won't help & it can be a fine line between it helping & being absolutely no use. I find it a very good med, I know we're all different but I started on 10mg titring up monthly & have found 50mg nightly works best for me. Apols if you did increase your dose & it still didn't help.

  • Hi NMH, this was last year when l was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, l was put on 20mgs to start up to 50mgs after a month, took those for another 3months but nothing. Got a lovely sleep last night tho, maybe just telling all you good people on this site helped if not will ring GPxx

  • Well you can't say you didn't give it a good go, as I said we're all different & unfortunately it wasn't the med for you. I am pleased though that you slept well last night, you could be right often sharing & receiving help be it online might well have helped. I hope the same for you again tonight but if not do see your GP. Take care & remember we're here. x

  • xx

  • Hi,

    I think you're right in that upping meds won't help with the fall out/issues between you and your daughter but alas counselling waiting lists are so darn long!!

    Here are some links to tracks I have found useful to help me relax

    And I also use the apps Omvana, Buddhify and Smiling Minds.

    Hopefully something there will be of use

    All the best


  • Thank you Ali l will look at these sites xx


    gives on -line contacts for counselling that you might find helpful in the meantime.

    Or write down the whole argument that you had and look at alternative ways of looking at what was said. And how you can look at the situation from your daughter's point of view to get an insight into why it happened.

    Looking at mindfulness - where (to very briefly summarise) you concentrate on what is happening now rather than the past or the future - might also help. At present you are going over what happened (which you cannot alter now) and fearing what will happen in the future between you and your daughter. Having a look at what you can do, right now, might be more productive?

  • Thanks for the link Oldtimer, l don't know much about mindfulness but will certainly look at how it may help me. x x

  • Have a look at the health in mind website. I used to take mirtazapine and I actually slept properly for about 3 months before I started waking up at night again. It did help with my depression though. X

  • Thanks Ruth I'll try that xx

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