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Update on Methorexate/ Menopause/Flu

Hiya, hope you are all pain free today, things really didn't improve much last nite, Woke up this morning with my hair and clothes sticking to me, also woke up several times in the nite coughing, and feeling cold, I decided to call my doctors this morning, I was told that he didn't think that the Methorexate or the steroid injection were interfering with the HRT treatment i am on, but feels it could be the Methorexate the steroid injection or the flu that is causing the hot flushes, He has brought my blood test appointment forward and has ask me to come in tomorrow morning, as he doesn't want to prescribe me antibiotics until he has the results,

Want to get on top of this before Christmas day, I don't think that much to ask.

Will let you know how i get on, Stay warm, but not to warm like me.......

Love Shirl xx

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Hi Shirley hope you get on top of things before xmas good for you for pushing to try and get things sorted.

At least your GP gave you HRT mine doesnt believe in it says your grandmother and distant ancestors went through it wothout anything so you dont need it needless to say hes a man.

although to be fair I have not had many problems going through the menopause thought I had done so till august now starting again bit much at 55.

anyway hope you get things sorted and have a wonderful xmas you deserve it after what you have been through over the last few months

gentle hugs and take care of yourself and remember to PACE yourself



Shirley, i too have been to the docs this morning as i felt unwell and i have antibiotics. I also have a lot of flushes and have done since i came off hrt and boy do i hate it. You have done right to go and see the doc. Have a lovely christmas.xx


hope you feel better for xmas ,, shirl .. xx


Hi Shirl, glad you are going to see the doc tomorrow. I have to say that my thermostat has been really nuts since I started MTX. A few tikes my fingers have gone white in run up to flares and I assumed it was secondary Raynauds for ages but recently have decided its MTX that gives me these terrible chills. I find it really hard to be outside for minutes without gloves and even ended up in my arthritis mitts and socks one night in Tuscany even though it was 35 degrees in daytime! Maybe the mtx has affected your menopausal hornones? So keep an open mind but also advise you to give MTX a good chance despite the hot sweats. Tilda xx


Thank you all for your kind words, have been to have my blood taken today, But might not get the results until after Christmas, Will give my GP a call on Monday, Still feeling run down at times, But have found today that the hot flushes haven't been as bad. Thank you again xxx


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