Once again.....now what?

So today I saw a Doctor in the rheumy clinic after nearly 4 months of Sulphasalazine and prednisolone . Not only has there been no improvement but I have been feeling worse as the pain is also in my feet now as well as hands shoulder knees and hip.

The Doctor said that my blood results from last week show a really high white blood count and asked if I had any infection, not that I'm aware of no sore throat, cold, pain on peeing. So he had urgent bloods taken, a urine sample, and gave me a big steroid injection in my bum.

He said that the sulph has failed and told me to go back to the hospital again tomorrow morning at 8 am. He has overbooked me in his clinic so that he can get the rheumy consultant to see me. I have to say that I was thinking of a few people on here who rarely get to see a rheumy and me seeing them twice in two days!

I was really exhausted this morning at my 10am appointment so didn't really take much in. I don't sleep well and wake up early, then it takes me hours to get moving around enough not to look like Quasimodo leaving the house....so what will I do now, get up at 5 am ...

I have no clue why he seemed so concerned. Anyone have any thoughts?

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  • M mm well maybe he is concerned u have an infection or something is putting up you wc count, I know steroids can do that. But maybe he just wants u to start the next dmards ASAP, good luck

  • Aha, steroids can do that! The WBC should be even higher tomorrow then maybe?

  • Well infections also do! So best wait and see, mine was high this week but I did have pains in my back so got antibiotics just in case lol and feel better! So best wait and see what the doc comes up with and emmmm try not to worry , yeah right xxxx

  • Thanks darlin, stupidly I looked it up on Google first before posting and saw Leukemia .... Which is why I posted here, more sensible on here. When you hear hoof beats look for horses not zebras as they say : )

  • Hi, my name is Judy, I'm an ex nurse, got retired off 6yrs ago because my RA took hold and still hasn't let go. You can read my portfolio if you want to know more about me. I hope you managed to get to the bottom of why the rheumy Dr was concerned. The worst thing you can do is look on Google..lol. I have had RA for 23yrs and it took a long time to get me sort of stable. So fingers crossed they get to the bottom of what's going on..

  • Thanks for your input darlin, of course you are right about google. When I asked this morning the Doctor said he was concerned about infection but my urgent bloods from yesterday showed an improvement. Horses not zebras, common things happen most commonly. : ) I was a bit 'away with the fairies' last night.

    I'm a nurse too, mental health, and most probably soon to be retired as I have been off sick for over six months ...

  • Good luck with today and glad they are not taking any risks with you. Tilda x

  • Thank you Tilda, it's how it should be for everyone.

  • Excellent service! even though its going to be a nasty early start. Hope you get a good treatment plan out of it.

  • 4 am start Earthwitch, I don't sleep well just now anyway, for once I was glad to have a reason to get up at that time that wasn't related to my 15 year old yorkie asking to get out to pee!

  • Just back from my rheumy appointment. The doctor has spoken to the consultant added in hydrochloroquine with the sulphasalazine, taken more bloods, had my hands X-rayed, told me to cut the steroids out over a few months then have an ultrasound on my hands, and given me Butran patches for the pain.

    I can't fault this team, they have been fantastic, and all this in my local little cottage hospital. I feel so bad when I read here about people having problems even seeing a rheumatologist. : (

  • Glad they are doing things for you.xxx

  • Thanks sylvi x

  • Sounds like you are getting the care you need. Hope you improve soon xx

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