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well 2 appointments today

first the new docs i changed to phoned me and asked me to come in as i failed my glucose test so had to do a fasting on (please dont tell me i got that as well)

that would make sence thought to why my feet are sore and go cold wouldnt it

then off to hospital appointment for podiatry got sent from phisio and the podiatry i cant realy be bothere but got to go im sure it will be a wast of my time.

then i have another appointment in jan cos the phisio said you are doing everything you can with that knee in what i give you and swimming and its not comming up i yhink their is somthing in their .

so back to bleeding square one.

dont get me wrong i have come on a bit in walking and since ive been banned from breast strock got me breathing better at the craw so that a look on the bright side but im fed up with not walking proper on these knees.

plus im waiting for dhl dilivery that ive had to pay import duty on an item from china

the tax man is everywhere what ever happened to fair trade.

regards john

all have a good christmas

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I got caught like that minka on some glasses i ordered from the states. I had to pay £22.48.

Lets hope you don't have diabetes,as it is not much fun. sylvi.xx


hi sill merry xmas and a happy new year to you and family

well gave me blood and then whent to podiatry she even got me mri on knee says medial wear on this and discharged they must be joking not right

its says no authritus just medial wear but i said seeing knee specialist again in jan sent bak from phisio good she said

mesured me up for insoles via inprints but she also told me sometimes we can make it worse cos you are about 5 millimeters short on left leg

struggling today whent swimming again then for me walk last night and old feet are aching again and knee but i try to disgard it

i hope i havent got that sill but we will know after xmas would make a bit more sence to me as why feet are cold.

thinking after yesterday i will take a bit more time on the swimming cos i feed great after but next day it tells on you.

i hope your feeling a lot better


hi john hope your appts went well and that you have a painfree and happy xmas



have a good chrismas to chris to you and family appointment done see above


Lots of best wishes from me to John, Hope you haven't got diabetes as well, Stay safe and warm, And wishing you and your lovely wife and family a great Christmas...

Shirley xxx


hi shirl the girl

lots of best wishes from us all here in lowton to you and family see above info to syle

got thro it all but was starving by 11am so stopped and had me coffee in car and a butty in the rain (now that sad bleeding sad)it was about as much fun as sitting in a launderete watch the rain come down

well i will know soon i hope know on blood tests ive done more bleeding tests and me other doctor never sent back for me and it was showing high on inflamation and stuff.

struggling today been planeing wood of the gate to make it shut ok all this water where has it come from this is not global warming its a bleeding monsooooooooon.

had to do the job in me flippers and snorkle lol shirl

not to mention tying a float to the bikes in the garage to keep them boyant

thought i was on a bush tucker trial.

and the guy on the asllotment at the back of us is building well its either a shed or noars arke.

might be a que later


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