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well guys you tell me if its a result or not yesterday with nothing showing in me bloods yet

bit of a result knee specalist yesterday

asked me how i was going on told him phisio sent me back dont like the knee and me feet keep going cold

he was a bit reluctant at first but i said this whent down in 1991 i pulled it back then in 2005 and then in april this year.

he said when did we do an mri on this and i said may

think he was going to send me for another mri

i said the quad feels strong but its not running right at all gets me in the ankle

so he said is it still moving forward as he lifted up me pants leg then i showed him 1/4 moving forward and side twist in it that get me ankle.

he also said some people have more ambidextrus knees than other

well it never did that before 1991 and then i had to drive automatic cars

he then said for all the mris we do sometimes 1/100 i find something wrong inside you maybe one of them lets have a look inside.

i then said i dont want any kneedles in my back ive had enough problem (id rather him tye the leg to the bed so \it wont move and watch lol)

and he said we wont do that be anastetic put to sleep out in a day


hmm i thought to myself if its in and out in a day why put to sleep and i thought if this is a ligament job i wont be out in a day which i have always thought it was in 1991 so i thought this guy is edging his bets.

so im going to need as much stuff as you guys know to pull this back on know how.

walked round warrington yesterday with the old stick boy was the opposite side hip aching this morning when i got up plus the old feet sore now we have cold kicking in again

its hard to take in for me that this thing started with one swelled up knee cap then swelling gone down to minimal and it still hurts and nothing showing on mri

i even said when you looked on mri and asked me we have a lot with you name on here if it was the right one he just laught would have like to have seen a right klick on the mouse and properties of that file to check the date its happened before where its the wrong one i bet

good job im only 10st 8lbs to carry around on these knees

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Oh dear John. If you're telling us he's offering to have a look at what's going on in your knee under anaesthetic then I think that sounds quite a reasonable option given how much bother and worry its causing you? You can't keep on saying you want to know what's happening to you and then not take up offers to investigate? Most of us on here have to take nasty drugs or inject ourselves and have monthly blood tests and loads of people have ops under anaesthetic on here don't they?

Heavens I've had to give birth three times so I don't think I would be scared of a one day in and out op to see what's going on inside that knee of yours if I were you? Once they know it can be treated effectively. Sorry if I've got the wrong end of the stick - its sometimes a bit hard to get your drift as you put so much in a blog (I know I'm one to talk eh?!). But then I'm really scared of those MRI scanners so we all have our weaknesses! You have to decide whether its worth following his advice or not - I'm afraid no one here can tell you what's best to do John. Good luck! Tilda x


Ps and if you had it done under local then you could see and hear what was being said and recovery would be much quicker too?


i laught at this tilda cos you will have me arguing while they are doing it like

hey hold that camera position i dont bloody like the look of that rip that bit out for a start

good one tilda you make me laugh some times. xx

know what ya saying though point taken


hey tilda how ya doing i do go on a bity dont i but then its man problems we moan like hell somtimes but it has been going on for a bit now tilda since april

2005 was up for a look then it just got better all over i wouldnt mind that happening again but i some how dont think so given on the amount ive pushed with this thing NOT WORKING AT ALL THAT METHOD THESE DAYS.

only reason didnt want the needle in me back is had enough problems

so didnt want to temp fate with that but im sure the guys going to tell me as it is i trust him been with him since 2005 for check ups in 2 year slots but knee was always a samwhich short of a picknick so long as it walked dint care about the running if ya know what i mean


Hiya John don't worry about going on to much, I'm the same sometimes, It can be a worry and i am not being funny but you are not as young as me ha ha and you do worry more as you get older, even though you properly do a lot more than me lately :) ,

But i have left a message for you and on that i have said to give it a go and try not to worry, I'm so glad that things are going in the right direction, Take care Chat soon XX


good luck with the fags im impressed ive cut down a bit i dont smoke in the house have to go outside so that knocks it down a bit in this blizzard we are having this morning

also you can get those electronic fags at tesco if ya tempted cos when ya think about it its only a grown up dummy so long as their is somthing in you hand and in your gob to play with if you get nmy drift GOOD LUCK with that shirl oh i see ya on face book same as me now thta is sad lol


thanks doing that scouser its been too long in comming i think lets see whats going wrong here


Go for it Jon,it shouldn't do you any harm & they might be able to make you better. We might come & see you doing the marathon later on in the year!!!


if only caz i would settle for 50 persent better


Go for it man! I had epidural needles having the kids and it was no problem, then u will know what this darn problem is and get it fixed and I managed and you know what a worse I am, remember my MRI carry on !!!! Lol oh and sorry haven't been on for a bit so belated happy birthday Axx


hi allanah hope you are feeling a lot better love than you was a couple of weeks ago as i said to marry this morning im thinking i got no option cos i aint going to pull this back on me own to something like this time.

and thanks for the birthday wish made it the best i could.


Hi John,

I agree with the others, go for it and let them see if they can find out whats wrong.

All the best



thanks mary i got no option after all this time have i realy


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