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well i did what i was told yesterday by siylvi and whent insted of putting up

well as you know on here regards my problems

i talked to sylvi yesterday and did something about this thing i whent to the walk in centre at leigh with all me toes blue and cold saw one of the people who said go back out i will let you see a nurse.

seem to have been flairing ever since the knee operation all over realy feet main problem blue and then red hot at night with me hands flaring up and walking like a zombie every bone seemed to be not playiong ball with me realy even though i keep trying.

when i was waiting feet started to go red hot again with ringing in my ears hell i hate this thing not stabalising

when i saw the nurse she checked my feet for pulses but thought maybe somthing had been disturbed under the knee operation and i need a blood flow test in them legs.

she asked me what was my doctors name and phoned them and told them i want an appointment for john TOMORROW she got me one at 11.40am

she said what support are you getting cos it looks like you are doing your own thing i said seen phisio after op but they said just keep doing what you are doing.

she said this is no good you need support

i said i will go and get some private phisio to that she said you should not have to do that.

we cant do a lot for you here without a referal from your gp if your feet go blue again take a picture of them.

im going to have to be more asertive today at docs.

i seemed to be doing well getting around before op but since it got the swelling down

feet sores

hands red lumps flaring and numb

and just about every bone not wanting to play ball with me due to sort of mussle ligaments.

im at the point whishing i had stayed with what i had.

she informed me your an inteligent person and you know what is sore and not sore.

it feels today like i got something attacking me all over which is like dry bone then wet inflamation.

she also told me if these feet go blue again i want you streight down to a and e

no messing about.

the problem i feel i have how can i tell the doc all these body parts are hurting me it just dosnt seem right to have so many parts hurting at the same time does it.

regards john

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John it just isn't right so you must be really assertive to the doctor today please. Tell him or her whatever you tell us and say to yourself and to them that you aren't going to leave the consulting room without answers. Tell them about the finds of the surgeon and about your blue feet and everything else that hurts and feels swollen and say it's just not on and you arern't going to put up with it for a day longer. You want to be referred asap back to the rheumy and you want to be tested for Raynauds. Say you believe strongly that you have inflammatory arthritis of some kind and see what they say. Please don't let yourself be palmed off with physio referrals and other stuff. This is a rheumatology matter and needs addressing straight away okay! And if he or she annoys you in anyway then look them in the eye with all of us with you in spirit (or imagine that you are the bionic we created!) and say "I've just had enough. Please do something and do it fast!". Tilda xx


will let you know how i get on tilda this is no good getting reagy now with all my paperwork

see ya later i hope and not sent somwherelse


John do as tilda is saying . We chatted on Tue you were so down thought you were doing something about it then.Be so dam insistent you have got to be sorted out today. I am so bossy and i think Tilda can get matters sorted to as she said take us with you.STAND YOUR GROUND.My very best wishes are with you xx


Hi John please do as Tilda has said you can't go on as you are.On Tue when we chatted i though you were getting sorted then. My very best wishes are coming your way be strong xx


Sorry can't work this dam computer !!!!!!!!!!!


I really hope you are heard & acted upon. You have not had the care you need & deserve. Tilda said it all. I wish you well & will look out for your next blog. good luck.

Love Alison


You've been describing your symptoms on here for some time & they are very consistent, it's not as if they are random or even particularly changeable. The first time I got ill with RA I was ill all over - I was so bad that I didn't even worry about what was happening, I was in a haze of pain & didn't really notice that everyone around me was worried sick. The pain just flowed like water around my body. I've never had that since & wouldn't want too - but inflammatory arthritis CAN make 'everything hurt'.

With this thing you sometimes need to keep banging on the same doors for ages before they open - it's demoralising all the way until you get a medic who understands and a diagnosis that makes sense - then you'll be elated.

That last sentence of yours - just tell the doctor exactly that. Go for it John & good luck.

Luce x


Yes John, i think it is time to let them know who they are messing with, I think sometimes we feel we are wasting their time, don't leave until you are really happy with the out come tomorrow, Make sure you write every thing down because we can forget the sliest thing, John you do a lot more excise than a lot of people that haven't even got any joint problem, I know this isn't a man thing, but sometimes a look cry helps, that just show how all this is getting to you, So don't be afraid to show some emotions it doesn't make you a lesser man,

Let me know how you get on. Love Shirley XXXX


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