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well today im going to do what some of you suggested

well today im going to do what some of you suggested.

i whent yesterday tio get a form to change doctors one nearer to me

hope im not throwing the baby out with the bath water but im not getting any help realy unless i go private.

anyone on here get groin ache been having this now for a couple of days on each side inbetween the legs like strained a bit

just wondering if my walking and pushing has done this or wether the inflamation has now spread to this.

ive also noticed dont ache to much in a morning and when i press me fingers cant seem to see the sore inflamation after about an hr or so after getting up its their kicked in again

i also had realy cold feet and knees after me walk yesterday anyone get this little lot cos i dont

but my wife said when she saw the form i was filling in and i told her ABOUT TIME TO YOU WHERE WASTING YOUR TIME GOING THEIR.

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The pain that I get in the groin is the PsA in both hips, you may have inflammation in that area as well, I would get it checked out to be on the safe side. Good luck with the new GP.


george when you say psa what is that psorisi arthritus

i have no rashes or anything on my skin at all is that how you know you have psorisi athritus

who checks this out xray doc or what

regards john


PSA does mean psoriatic arthritis , john .. in many cases psoriatic arthritis is also common with psoriasis.. but you can have PSA and not any rashes "psoriasis"..

good luck with new doc ,, dont use any your old sayings on him .. will ya ?


hi andy thanks for that thought you had to have all those scabs all over ya skin like our gaenors aunt does to have that atheritis

how is this one diagnosed andy through bloods or what?

since going shopping yesterday walking round with the wife i am not have having mussle aches today bleeding hitting me all over the show.


Hi Minka,

I have Psoriatic Arthritis. It is related to what you have & AS which Andy has. They are all spondyloarthropies (can't spell it). And many but not all doctors think that the spondy 'family' (sounds so cosy!) is quite different from RA.

I've been trying to get my head around all this recently and I've got as far as understanding(?) that one spondy can easily morph into another spondy! So for example I'm very likely to get enthesitis and if my spine were to become involved the diagnosis would, I think, change to AS.

Diagnosis of PsA is helped if you have Psoriasis i.e. the rash or manky toenails which are very common with the arthritis. Most people with PsA test negative for Rheumatoid Factor and certain other things that are more common in people with RA. High levels of inflammation and anaemia are also typical of PsA. The private Rheumy I saw was of the opinion that PsA often starts in the knees. My diagnosis was helped by one not particularly manky toenail and the fact that I had a small rash for 20 years, but it's hard to get a 100% firm diagnosis.



hi chris that makes it all clear to me i thought one could move into another

and i thought you had to have scabs on your body to have that.

you look at my toes and they are perfect (now)

i was going to drop you a line as well i was not getting anywhere with the other doc in fact last time i did my own thing and got back to reasonable health. so i had 7 years free then it comes back with a bloody vengence just my luck if i had know that i would have really crashed in some motorbiking.

well i whent to the docs and got the paperwork to change me wife said whats that you are filling in i said moving doctors.

to my supprise she said thank god for that im proud of you he was no help to you at all.

well i took me form in yesterday and they said you have to come in on the 27 nov for a medical and chat (i thought i havent told you what ive got yet) but i wont judge the book just yet till i see a doc will keep ya updated on this one cos i would love another blood test and an xray on me lower back and knee

still doing me phisio and me walking but hey i was flagging today near the end just like i was waking through the swimming pool water it was boy it was hard putting one foot in front of the other dam thinks where in revolt agains me and i wont take that at all

the phisio ive done everything she asked go back their on 22 she thinks iv got somthing inflamatory but she also thinks their is some stuff moving round in the knee.

so i would not be supprised to see a big degrigation if they do an exray like you have christina cos i think im running on one miniscula on the outside properly the other gone with wear and tear and i think me ankle is compensating for that which in turn gets you in the back.

its a pitty ya cant say what ya think to the docs isnt it

regards john


Hi John, I guess the doctor you're changing is your GP?? It's nice when partners back us up isn't it? If my OH says 'about time too' etc. it gives me more confidence in whatever I'm doing.

Incidentally, don't know why I said manky 'toenails' can be a sign of PsA, I meant nails generally. Apparently about 80% of people who get Psoriatic Arthritis have nail changes & that statistic comes up again & again so it's one I tend to trust.

Also, one fairly definitive test for spondyloarthropies is a gene test as up to 60% of people with Enthesitis, AS & PsA have a certain gene beginning with HL .... can't remember it now.

Sorry you are flagging at the moment - especially swimming as I know you enjoy it. I'm doing pretty well at the moment: good energy levels and walking a bit more easily but I can't do the physio exercises I was given so had a new physio telephone assessment today. The woman who did the assessment told me that the latest research shows that bone does regenerate to some extent. I so hope she's right! I know it does grow but I thought the re-growth caused more problems. And she told me to use ice on my knees (which I've long given up on) because it improves the circulation and that in turn helps remove any debris in the joint. Must go and get some frozen peas. I have been taking 2 dessert spoons of cider vinegar a day - it is vile but I'm brave - because I heard that that helps dissolve or remove debris from bone damage too.

I'm a history teacher by trade (maybe no more though & I can live with that!) & know that vinegar has been used a pretty much a cure-all for all sorts of ailments for thousands of years in just about every civilisation. And if I was still teaching I'd tell the kids those explanations of sayings you came up with - they'd love them!

I just don't know who to believe about what is or isn't happening in my knees but they do seem to be getting slowly better so hope the same goes for you.

I'm with Allanah about saying what you think, though I sometimes find that once I start I can't stop! Good luck with new doc,

Christina x


hi christina

yep i tried cider vinigar but never kept it up it did help me last time so ive got some left and will give it another go today if it taste a bit vile you can they say put a spoon full of honey in thats the correct method

as i was saying yesterday i walk and swam then did me phisio exersises boy i knew at 10pm yeterday i was in for some sort of big flair up and i think its the one i hate most.

you wake up and you think you have wet the bed but its your body that is all covered in sweat.

so i aint going for a walk today and i aint going for a bleeding swim either

im just going to pace myself today i sometimes wonder if im the only one that sweats like that cos it realy gets my back up waking up at 6am wet through

i had looked at the gene think and your right about that. hope ive not got that bugger.

last time i pushed and pushed and it just got better and i suppose im being a bit dispondant at puting effort in and getting verry little back but then im only on paracetomol and i think im going to ask about sulfazine with the new doctor.

the private doctors paper said on it NONE DAMAGING SPONDROPATHY ENTHESIS (im a bit of a doubting thomas on this one) cos ya cant ache so much and not do damage

i have been doing the phisio with the ball between my knees and the quad exersises but i can't for the life of me get these quads to respond proper pulling the quad i feel it in the calf mussle dont know what that is all about.

chris are you taking clucosomine and grondotine this is verry good for some people in making cartlidge but dont be tempted to pay under 10 pounds for it get the ones with capsuals some of the others are like chalk and no good for you at all.

im glad you are getting some response with your walking that shows something is happening at last for you but what i cant understand is the degrigation they said you had on your last xrays that like well who do i belive

about the teaching if you are making some sort of recovery you just might supprise yourself when mine whent after 18 months last time its funny how you get back into the swing of things and forget about it the only thing you ahave in the back of your mind is not lifting incorrectly and pacing the walking a bit even though your doing about 10 mile.

lets look at next week ya may be running for england


I think some of the folk on here might say that you can ache like hell & yet have no apparent damage - that's the impression I get anyway: that many have truly been through the mill but joints seem okay. Hope that turns out to be the case for you. I agree that strengthening quads is very difficult - let us know if anything does help & I'll do the same.

I've been meaning to check out those supplements & will do so (need to ensure they're all right with MTX).

The problem you have with overheating / sweats ... I used to be a bit sceptical about food sensitivity but since I've had this condition I can't deny that some foods make me hot and sweaty! Prime suspects: alcohol, coffee & red meat (the effect of that lasts, I find).

(Not too bothered about going back to teaching full time, I have other irons in the fire now - but may do some supply).

Have a nice easy day!




Proud of you Mate, well done!

And do say wot you think...nicely!! Axx


might do me clint eastwood and walk in and say

this is a magnum 48 which can blow your head clean off if you dont give me what i want WELL DO YOU FEEL LUCKY PUNK.


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