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I'm new here, did Enbrel quit working for anyone else?

I took Enbrel a few years ago and it was like a miracle drug for me. I didn't know how badly I felt until I felt better. It worked for about three years and then I was in big trouble. I had a reaction with Remicade IV, Cimzia and Simponi didn't help either, so after a year and a half with no relief my RA doc tried me on Enbrel again. It didn't work right away and I had compared it to the first time I had taken it when it worked the next day. He upped my shot to every five days and that helped, but then my insurance company thought it was not necessary to take it every five days. I also take pacquinel , I can't take Methtrexate (excuse the spelling please). I feel like it is working better for me now after six months but I'm afraid that it will stop working again. Has anyone else had this happen to them?


Sarah aka Stetler

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Hello Sarah :)

I took enbrel for a number of years but unfortunately had to come off it as it wasnt working any more. I really liked enbrel, I know that sounds strange, because I had no side effects whatsoever and felt fantastic when having it. Since then I have been on Humira and am now on Abatacept which neither of them have/are working. I am hoping that at my next appointment my consultant may suggest that I try enbrel again. Its nice to hear that someone else has found it to work after being taken off it - this makes me feel quite positive ! :)

Hope youre feeling well at the moment, Em :) x


I guess there is always hope. I had to be off of it for over a year, and then it worked again ...just not as good as before. Hang in there they are always looking for new drugs.


Hi Sarah. I guess you might be in USA from your comment about insurance company deciding how often you can have drugs? Which makes me feel rather privileged to have our UK free health service - even if we complain hugely about it from time to time, and it is by no means perfect as things like Enbrel are rationed to those who have failed on other things. Nonetheless I'm not sure I'd like your system any better. Hope your second go at Enbrel improves more & more. Polly


Hi Sarah, there are other anti tnf drugs you can try such as Humira.

I am on Enbrel and have been for the last 2 years and it seems to suit me (at present anyway). Had previously been on Humira but came out in a rash and my consultant not being sure whether it was connected, took me off Humira and onto Enbrel.

It seems to me your insurance company thinks it knows more than your consultant! You can always get your consultant to do a report for the insurance company which should help.

My insurance company BUPA now won't cover me for anything to do with RA as I am now classed as chronic and they don't do chronic diseases! With the amount we pay each month I do wonder what they do cover sometimes!

LavendarLady x


I'm going to try to stay on Enbrel as long as I can, I don't have many side effects with it and I'm so sensitive to everything. My Dr. has written to my Ins. company, and we will try again for the extra shots. I have not been offered Humira as of yet, so there may be something I'd re-act to. Who knows with me? LOL You all are so helpful and nice here. Thanks so much.



I myself have not been on Embrel although the Dermatologist mentioned it. I was on Humira for approx 3 wks. when all went clear. I have been on Humira now very close to 3yrs. I honestly think its what your body will take in as well as any other meds' you are taking along with it. I have tried using the Humira every 3wks. but that didn't work. Prior to the 3wks. I was breaking out again in a different spot. I myself would try the Embreal (only b/c my Dermatologist) had mentioned it. As she said your body does get immune to certain medications. Give it a go and see if the Embrel will work for you and if not have your Physician change it back to Humira. I wish you luck and do hope for you that the itchies, dont' come back rapidly.


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