Did enbrel make anyone else cry?!

Hi Everyone. I gave myself my third Enbrel jab on Monday and couldn't stop crying for a day or two. Really emotional. It has had made no improvement as yet and in fact joints have been worse. Has anyone else experienced the blues on Enbrel? Nurse is coming again on Monday so will talk to her. i have my low days but this was about 3 PMT's worth rolled into one!!



PS - i have stopped now but Kleenex shares have leapt a few points and my boss thought I had lost the plot!.

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Think its rthat gives the blues.! was having a blub at gp earlier this week.. im frustrated cos my quality of life is down etc.. your enbrel will take up to 3 months.. tip toss it my direction cos I would love to try! some was writhing in agony last night.. my gold injections appear to triggger a joint reaction.. had my injection thur afternoon.

trying to work with ra when in pain etc. and or with reduced mobiltity is stressful which can cycle through to depressive symptons.. if pissible see gp for anit depressant


Hi Caroline, I have been on Enbrel now for 18 months. It does take about 3 months to get the full effect of it, so do perservere. If in a lot of pain, I was told by my consultant to use 2 x 1000mg paracetemol and 1 x 200 mg Nurofen. It does work but sent me to sleep! I do find 1 or 2 Nurofen (the liquid capsules) work very well but take on a full stomach to avoid any side effects.

I also get weepy days and not just sad films on the tv. Sometimes I will have a cry for no apparent reason, just feel like it. My dog is very sympathetic! Like Summer i have also cried all over the GP and the practice nurse who did say it is one of the side effects of RA like the overwhelming fatigue which hits from time to time. It is difficult when you are at work although I find because I am concentrating on other things I don't have my weepy fits - they are usually confined to home and a puzzled hubby who wonders what he's done wrong again!

Summer, can I suggest you press your RA consultant for anti TNF - no one should have to suffer that level of pain without respite. I was never on gold injections so can't comment but I thought they had gone out of fashion! I recall my Aunt having them in the 1950s and they never did any good for her either. Best wishes. lavendarlady


Hi Caroline, given time you will get acquainted with the injections it is very difficult at first and at the moment your emotions are running very high. This can be a very common side effect with ra, after 17 years with my ra I've learnt to take everything as it comes you have no choice, but these lessons only come with experience. By that I mean knowing how to handle your ra and you being in control rather than the other way round.

Hang on in there, once the ra can get controlled the better you will feel I promise (through my own experiences!)

Take care.

mandy xx


Hi Caroline. Hang on in there. I don't take embrol myself. I am on mxt but I have periods of being down and crying and I don't know why. I am way past menopause but, yes, it is like a really bad pmt month. Hope you are feeling better soon. Sheila x


Thanks everyone - as usual lots of wisdom and bucket loads of sympathy and kindess!!

I feel much less emotional now and plodded on at work as concentrating on something else does help. And yes husband standing there helpless wondering what to do for the best - going back to the old pmt days if he'd have said the wrong thing he may well have been in grave danger!

I have to say it came over me just like the fatigue does sometimes in a wave that is totally out of your control. Anyway, soldier on, it's Friday which means band practice which I love and a jzz lunch on Sunday so plenty to look forward to.

lots of love to everyone, wishing you a painless and trouble free weekend.




that sounds like a goood sunday !excuse my typing earlier bad joints and no sleep, my advice should have read Ra causes us depression. pain./ frustration, if you are still struggling, maybe a few anti depressants for a while x


Denifintly down to the RA! Ive always been a big softie however now I cry at anything!

Take care


I'd began to believe that I was the miracle Enbrel patient! Within 2 days of Enbrel I experienced a fantastic result: I could almost dance like Michael Jackson! The homecare nurse said that it was miraculous, and then.... it wasn't the great miracle I thought, like Jesus on the Mount, that it needed additional drugs & painkillers, but they couldn't find the right ones. I've been injecting Enbrel for one year now, according to my calendar, and although I'm doing this religiously every week, and I've been told it's slowing my disease down, I don't experience the real benefit of it.


Hi Andrea

Glad to her your dancing is improving!! I think I am expecting too much too soon. Last night was awful, my hand blew up like a football and I tdidn't know what to do with my arm - however, today it is much better. It seems to me RA is a law uto itself. My pain, swelling and stiffness are worse but my ESR has gone down for the first time in 2 years.

Up until very recently I kept telling myself it was the wrong diagnosis. It all started with polymyalgia and Giant Cell Arteritis and truck loads of steroids and I think it was RA all the time but the steroids at 60mg obliterated everything for a little while. Even me I think - Carolina moonface!! Lol. I hope i will get to the stage where I can stop thinking about it constantly but fear it will not let me. Another jab tomorrow and a visit from the nurse to make sure I am doing things right! I will persevere and hope for he best.


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