Humira - so happy I'm able to knit again!

Humira - so happy I'm able to knit again!

After having adverse reactions to all previous meds I am having my third Humira injection on Wednesday. I am so happy because I can knit again! Albeit using circular needles to take the weight off my hands/wrists and occasionally wearing my Imak arthritis gloves. I am so happy. Over the past two years I have had numerous trial and errors with the usual meds, then went onto biologics (Enbrel) which worked a treat until my third injection and I had a bad reaction (face and lips swelled). I had to wait until Enbrel was out of my system before trying Humira. So far I feel nauseous the day after the injection and I'm suffering with dry mouth but I'm willing to put up with these symptoms as long as my RA's dampened and I can knit. I'm hoping I can get off prednisolone (after being on it for two years) once I know Humira is working. This could be the start of a new me…lose weight, more flexibility and generally feel human again.

I've added a picture of the throw I knit in three days…I am so happy!

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  • That's such a fabulous throw! I'm trying to learnt to knit to help my hands....I'm not succeeding! So pleased to hear that you are feeling so well. Just in time for the fabulous weather too! 🌞

  • Thank you jlmack 😊

  • That's so great & getting back to what you like to do must be so rewarding & long may it last. I hope others starting Humira will be encouraged by your post & I hope you can continue to enjoy your knitting. :)

  • Thank you 😊

  • Hope you continue to feel as good as you do now 😊

  • Thank you

  • You'll understand I'm no knitter ... I looked at that photo for ages thinking maybe that was a doll's house sofa! That is one enormous piece of knitting!

    How wonderful that you are now able to do something you enjoy so much. And what a quick result from Humira. I hope you go from strength to strength.

  • Thank you. My daughter wanted a super chunky throw for her sofa. I didn't realise how heavy it would turn out. She's over the moon 😊

  • Well done I am on Humira and just started knitting again albeit it is for my premature twin granddaughters so hats area size of an orange

  • Aw that's so lovely net212 I bet they are beautiful 😊

  • They are very beautiful Thanks Bernese but guess a grandmother would be biased :)

  • That is such wonderful news!! The knitting is gorgeous, but what it means is even better :) Thank you so much for this positive note in the music of my day.


  • So pleased for you, and WOW what a fantastic throw and knitted so quickly!

  • So pleased for you, I hope that you go from strength to strength!! M x

  • I love to knit!! Your throw is absolutely beautiful!! I actually work in a yarn shop! It is not lazy when you are having a bad day if you are making something - right?!? I have always been able to knit and I could not imagine being in your shoes with not being able to!! I am sooo glad that you are able to now!

  • Beautiful throw!! And, a beautiful, positive post that I am sure will give others some hope that it will work as well for them! Continued happy knitting!!

  • It's a lovely throw, glad that you are now able to knit. I have had several years that I could not knit because of my fingers and like you have just started again although not anything as lovely as your throw.

  • Thank you everyone 😊

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