Enbrel - Did it work for you?.

Hi Everyone.

I am waiting for my first delivery of Enbrel this week, due to Mtx not working for me, I am kind of excited to be starting this Biologic as I am hoping this will work for me but I am also a little apprehensive.

Just wanted a little feedback from you guys out there that are on Enbrel, how long did it take to work, did it work better than Mtx, did you suffer side effects. I know we are all different but I thought MTX was to be my wonder drug but sadly I can't tolerate the dose that's needed to make it effective, so all my hopes are now pinned on biologics, but I must admit I am a wee bit scared to be starting a new drug all over again.


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  • nras.org.uk/stories/my-very...

    Hello, if you get on this link it shows what enbrel did for me 😀

    The only side effect I've had is low white cell count. My blog was a few years ago, I grumble about the odd flare but shouldn't complain really! And most importantly I have no signs of erosion.

    Wishing you lots of luck x

  • I have been on Enbrel for ten years with no side effects I am aware of. I can't remember how long it took to work but think it was quite quick. I was bed ridden but now I am up and about and able to walk my regular 2-3 miles every day [weather permitting]. I hope it works as well for you. All the very best xx

  • I have been on Enbrel since 2011 with no side effects. It worked quickly for me and even though I still suffer pain it stopped the constant flare ups. Hope the medication is successful for you. x

  • Thanks D Creasy 😃

  • I had enbrel 3 years ago when I was 16 and I couldn't stand it! It made my immunity so low and I constantly got infection after infection! I asked to come off it after about 6 months! But then again, I tokerate mtx and you don't! We're all so different it's hard to say! I hope it works for you 😊

  • Hi emiliekofi. I have very active Rheumatoid Syndrome and MTX, and Sulfasalazine didnt work for me. But Enbrel (I self inject 50 once a week) alongside MTX injections did work for me very quickly. Infection meant I had to stop for a while and boy did I flare badly.

    Am starting Enbrel and MTX again this week and can't wait to be honest.

    My only problem was, as it is for many people to begin with, was red raised lumpy areas at injection sites. My first didnt appear intil around 5 weeks, but I solved that by using Anthisan Cream (over the counter anti histamine), once the evening before injection to my intended injection site and again an hour before. Then any small area left, apply cream until the bright redness has gone, which is usually within a day or two.

    With any luck Enbrel will be just what you need. Sending you positive thoughts.

    :) Linbin

  • Thanks linbin

    I am looking forward to starting although it hasn't been delivered yet this week so I'm still waiting but have brought anti histamine for when I start,😃

  • I've been on it a year. I started with a bit of a rash on the injection site, but that settled (anti histamine cream helped). I was on 50mg weekly but found the effects were only lasting five days, but saying that the effects were amazing, for me anyway , I still need the occasional course of Pred. As it doesn't stop all the pain and stiffness.

    I'm starting 25mg twice weekly next week to see if this stretches the effects. But I would recommend persevering with it. I tried all four major DMARDS for at least two years, before I was put on Enbrel.

    I even haven't had any problems with the delivery service and homecare have never let me down yet.

    Hope it brings the relief you need.



  • Thanks SG I too have taken 4 DMARDS so am keen to try this new Medication 😃

  • I am finding enbrel brilliant. I could not tolerate mtx as it made me sick and tired but the injection perked me up by the second one! One tip for the injection site rash; take an anti histamine tablet half an hour before and put a cold pack on the site for 10 mins and all will be great. Good luck

  • Thanks Darkywarl I will get some anti histamine 😃

  • I had a good 10 years on Enbrel with no noticeable side effects - eventually stopped working. I don't do mtx either.

  • Approximately 7 years so far on Enbrel. No apparent side effects just occasional injection site reactions. Initially, the combination of MTX and Enbrel brought immunity levels down too low resulting in lots of infection so tried Enbrel only. Really wish this drug had been available 39 years ago when I was diagnosed. It's effectiveness built up over the weeks though there was a small improvement from the start. Hope it will prove as effective for you. Good luck.

  • Hi, I have been on Mtx for 7 years and now also on Embrel. Started 6 months ago. I have noticed a difference, not as much stiffness, no leg pain during night (coming from my back -ankylosing spondylitis) but I am not running any marathons. Having said that, did have to come off both for 3 weeks and had a big flare so probably working better than I realise. Also reaction at injection site, diminished after about 10 weeks, now just a small red rash for 24 hours, take 1 anti-histamine and that does the trick, needed to take one night before and one on day of injection at first. I really hope it helps you, I have heard some wonderful stories - I have psa not ra, and they have an American website I go on and there are some real successes on there. We are all different so wishing you lots of luck.

  • Thank you i will get some anti histamine that's a good call 😃

  • Hello! Enbrel is the best! I was previously on MTX too but had to stop taking it because of the side affects. Enbrel is the only medication I take now and the only thing I can say is that it affects my vision. I'm more sensitive to bright lights and night driving and blurry at times. I can live with that in order to not have to deal with any joint pain. I feel like I did before I was ever diagnosed with RA. I wear all my high heels again and I have a Fitbit and I do 10k steps on average per day. Good luck. I almost forgot it works very quickly and my wrist pain is no more. That was the main problem that would never fully go away but now I have zero pain or difficulty with my wrists.

  • Thank you for your reply I can't wait to take it. I look forward to seeing my hands look like normal hands with no fat swollen fingers, I too have alot of pain in my wrists daily. so for me when I see and feel those differences I will know it's working. MTX has made no difference at all.

  • The first thing I'll say is that we're all different and I don't want to disappoint you, you need to try Embrel to see how it works for you, however, I've been on it 8 weeks now and don't notice any difference in pain and stiffness levels. Ì had a small site of psoriasis and a cpl of small area flares occasionally but since taking Embrel have had a massive flare and spreading to 3 different sites. Have had a runny nose last cpl of days and today have scratchy throat plus feel short of breath, now this could be a summer cold and nothing to do with Embrel! Seeing my rhumathologist today and was hoping he'd take me off Embrel but after reading the other comments, wonder should I stay on it a bit longer to see if it might eventually make a difference. Really wishing you the best of luck with it and hopefully it'll make a big and positive difference to you!

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