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Got wheels - depression lifting!

After struggling post op last week or so with crutches, and gutter crutches and all manner of one legged aids. My friend Tara brought to my house this evening a state of the art fabulous easy to use WHEEL CHAIR, aside from landing on my bad foot once, I have freedom back, yahoo can't explain the happiness I feel, I can again open my own front door (rather than hiding the key under the gnome with the golf club for pals) - yes we do have one. I just opened the door to my daughters pal, so happy!

Maybe next 8 weeks won't be a disaster if I can make a cup of tea and ride around with my doggies on my lap. WooHoo.

The wheel chair came from my friends mum who refused to have a knee replacement and made a miraculous recovery - hope it lasts!

xxx Gina.

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I'm so Glad you feel brighter,i've had the day from hell. See blog i've written and it will tell you everything. So will we hear all about your adventures in the wheelchair looking forward to them.

I'm sooo happy for you.

Sylvia xxxxxx


Just read it shocking Sylvie, you deserve a break. Hope hubby feeling a bit better this eve. keep in touch.

hugs, Gina.


will do my love,he will be on the mend now,Grace is on her way home with fish and chips As i'd hardly eaten all day. look forward to your blogs in the coming days and weeks.

Love, sylvia.xx


thats great news! happy wheeling :) x


Great news.. you could build up to wheel chair basket ball wink xxx


Hi Gina, brilliant news - at least you can get about now and take some weight off that poor ankle. Just remember the speed limits when you are zipping around. I would not like to have to come and defend you! LoL.

Glad you are feeling more cheerful and more like your old self.

Let us know how you get on with doing wheelies! Love LavendarLady x


Great news Gina and congratulations on finding your legs again (albeit on wheels). It's amazing how a little help and simple aids can improve our quality of life and make a big difference to mental health/wellbeing.

I wish able bodied people, the medical / health and social care profession would recognise this and offer this sort of support too (even if it's short term).

Happy wheeling, hope your out and about soon. x


Enjoy it, glad all went well!! Charlotte xxx


How are you feeling today flower,have you been out and about. Hope so. I have a bit of a time of it in the last couple of days. Hubby was taken into hospital yesterday and he won't be out at least until monday. Anyway i'm looking forward to your blogs. Love Sylvia. xx


How are you feeling this first day of winter now the clocks have gone back. Hope your getting about better. Love sylvia, xx


Hi Sylvie,

Well the truth is I am up & down, but mostly up. Got out for walk (wheel) by sea today, lots of hardy people in swimming, but it is so warm I am not surprised.

Thanks for asking about me I am lurking lot at moment you know the way.

Regards, Gina.


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