My new wheels!!!

Tomorrow my wheelchair arrives and I am happy!! On Friday, at work, my left knee decided not to play nicely and I was sent home as I couldn't put any weight on it, that wasn't too bad but on Sunday the other knee and ankle decided to join husband got home from work to find me in tears because I couldn't , even with crutches, move!! Saw the doctor on Tuesday and have to have an x-ray on my right leg because she thinks there is something wrong!!

I know there is something is swollen and hurts like hell!! My husband picked me up from the doctors and took me to a mobility shop to look at disability scooters at which point I adamantly refused to consider one. The lady then showed me a wheelchair which was confortable but too small....I am not a slim woman, but didn't have one in my size so we left the shop to think it over. Then today my husband told me he had bought me one and it is being delivered is a self propelled one ( I want to keep some independence) and I am looking forward to getting out and about again. Some people would think it would was giving up to have a wheelchair now when usually I only use a stick but to me it meansI can continue to do the things I want to without being reliant on my husband or family to aid me. Now all I need to do is get a sticker that says 0 to bitch in 3 seconds and put that on!!

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  • Good for you! Sounds like your husband is really supportive. Its not giving up, but wanting to stay involved. I hope that X-ray shows something that can be dealt with easily. - and painlessly

  • good for you at will save you some pain on your bad days I got my late husbands mobility scooter out today after a bad day yesterday you have to save the joints as much as you can its not giving in its taking your control back hope you get better soon

  • At 46 could not get my head around having to have help but after 14 months of not being able to find treatment to control RD gave up as it was stopping the family going out as 'we cannot do that as your mum cannot manage'. Decided to look into hiring mobility scooter for the summer as hoped condition would improve but the costs were similar to buying one so in April became the owner of a mobility scooter. Has taken some getting used to but at least I can now get out and about and if necessary by myself. Think I need L plates though. Farm

  • Thank you so much for your replies, it means a lot to know there are people who understand how I feel. I can now look forward to getting out and about more,not worrying about how I will manage if I have a bad children have said they will take me to push me down steep Hill!!! I love you too kids!!!

  • Its certainly not giving up. It should help you lead a better life.

    I have a wheelchair chair for when my husbands with me and a scooter for when I am on my own. I first had them When I was 28. I used to walk my children to school on it. People soon get used to seeing you on it.I take my dog for long walks, which I wouldn't be able to do otherwise.

    Good luck!

    And don't forget the L plates!!:-)

  • hi I used my scooter again to day to get the shopping as it kills the hands and a few people I know stopped me and asked what I was doing on the scooter and there response was not good ,is that all I thought you had something wrong with you and you don't need that they are for people with something seriously wrong with them.

  • Is this possibly where saying you have RD instead of RA could have helped? I've had & continue to have positive results using it. Ónly yesterday my new hairdresser queried why I asked her to cut my hair at the back so I don't have to "do" it. She asked why & I explained I have RD & limited movement & she said she'd never heard of that, told her it's also known as RA to which she said "oh I have gout too, painful isn't it"?! Replied that pain & more addeding that it's an autoimmune disease (turning point & she became interested, no longer dismissive) my immune system attacks my joints, making them stiff and painful & without my meds I'd suffer more joint damage & also suffer the most awful fatigue at times & so it went, she even wanted to know what I had to take & admitted that she takes one of the meds I take (etoricoxib) but the GP only gives it to her when she gets an attack. Realisation of the difference hit her. Different to the normal client/hairdresser chitchat & she thanked me for explaining & admitted she didn't know what RD was at all & even said doubts other people do either. Told her about RA awareness week in June & she said she'd look at it with a new eyes. Result again!!

  • I have been given a sticker for the wheelchair..."keep death off the on the pavement" is someone trying to say something?!!

    I will definitely need L plates as I learn how not to hit things with the wheel chair, so if any of you live near Nottingham I would avoid the person in the wheelchair who is screaming where is the break!!

  • I'm using a wheelchair at the moment because of a fusion operation on my foot. I went to a Craft & Food fair in the wheelchair on Saturday. Everyone was very helpful - but two deep steps to get in the front door, two deep steps into one of the rooms where some of exhibitors were and worse still, womens loos upstairs and along a corridor, completely inaccessible. Had to leave early and visit the garden centre down the road to use their accessible toilet. I had nightmares the following three nights about it!

    I've written to my councillor as the building is owned by the County Council. If anyone usually using a wheelchair comes across this sort of problem, please complain. Previously, when I complained about the lack of dropped curbs (where I lived before) they were all put in - and where I had marked them on the town map I sent them!

  • I will bear that in mind, normally I keep quiet and fume in silence but since being told I have R,D I have become more outspoken.

  • Good on ya Hun I'm the same won't use walking stick or crutches till I'm barely able to walk I'm sooooo stubborn x

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