My new wheels

My new wheels

My new power hair arrived today and hubby has assembled it and adjusted it for me. It's still in garage but after a practice run round village tomorrow it will go into the car boot. The back is not very supportive so getting a lumbar roll to attach to it because my spine so terribly painful and it needs support to prevent jarring. To be honest, the type of chair that would have been best for me were just far too expensive, and also not so easy to get in car, so I have had to compromise. At least I'll be able to get round Tesco now. My back and hip pain is so bad that I can hardly stand, let alone walk and I have been confined to the house for much of the summer this year. I am waiting to see spinal surgeon but very worried about having further surgery. Meanwhile the never ending cycle of pain and exhaustion continues to take its toll. Xxx

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  • Wey hey, that's a bobby dazzler Lynda! Do you have to go everywhere upside down in it then lol! I really hope it gives you more freedom. x :)

  • Nmh. Don't know why, but pictures of mine always go on upside down !!!

    I've been driving a car for thirty yrs but driving a scooter or power chair, horrendous !! I need some L plates I think. We've had a few laughs tonight, me crashing round the garage, but seriously, it's going to enable me to go a lot further in comfort, life's been a real struggle lately xx

  • Hope you will not drive upside down lol

  • Yes, me too !!! Going for spin round village this afternoon, I'm sure I will show myself up !! Xx

  • I think it must be something to do with what you're using, I've not had a problem when I use my Asus Pad but know one or two others have problems.

    I've heard that the scooters can take some getting used to. A friend of mine said it took a while to master hers & wasn't confident she wouldn't mow people down in the beginning, thankfully she didn't & whizzes about now! I'm sure you will too once you've mastered it & it will be a boon for you, there'll be no stopping you. x

  • Lynda most supermarkets these days have scooters in their store. That is a beauty darling. I wouldn't be without mine much as I loathe them. Happy trolleying on it

  • Sylvi, The reason we got it is it's very easy to get in car. With Ken in/out hospital I must be able to do it myself so as soon as the engineer has been and fitted hoisting bar on chair for me I can then use the hoist which is already in car and I'll be independent !!! Then I can go to the retail parks round here and pop from one shop to another without struggling or having to move car each time. Also I can take it on plane when we go abroad. Xxxx

  • Lost of fun with it. Is have one too and it gives back your freedom!


  • Bassie, Freedom is what I need, fed up with being so dependant on others because of my very bad walking problems. Xxxx

  • Looks like a great machine. Careful you don`t get done for speeding!

  • Speeding would be scary I think, haha, I'll just be pleased to drive it along in a sedate and ladylike manner !! At least when I'm in shopping centre now I shall be able to stop and look at things, when hubby pushes my manual chair he speeds along like the roadrunner and everything's just a blur !! Xxx

  • Sorry to hear you have struggled so much with this disease but pleased to see things will hopefully improve with your new power chair and just in time for the summer,Hope it gives you the freedom to get out and about.😊

  • Valentine, Yes, freedom is the key word. I was always so independent till the dreaded RA floored me and I really miss being able to do things on my own.

  • Looking good, so pleased that you will be able to get out and about now, it's so important! M x

  • Are you going to fit an air horn to it that plays a tune, a bell, or do you prefer to shout at people, lol! Happy travels.

  • I love my scooter. It enables me to take part in my life rather than be a witness to it. Have fun. X

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