Farcical situations - Got to laugh

Morning everyone. This post is really avoidance tactics on my part as i'm getting ready for a long drive and don't really want to face it.

I had an excange with Bev (bub124) about riduculous situations we find ourselves in because of our condition. I'll leave her to repost her story here but I thought it would give us all a laugh to share our experiences which can be so funny in retrospect (although not at the time).

My most recent one was when I was out shopping with my sister. I was looking for a relaxer chair for the garden. Finding one high enough and strong enough for my needs is actually quite difficult.

We went into her local hardware store and they had what seemed like the perfect chair for me so i tried it out. Unfortunately it was just a little too low and when I tried to get out my legs weren't strong enough to manage and I started to fall. I instinctively reached forward to grab a shelving rack but (as this was all in slow motion) I had time to realise that it was a free standing shelf that was full of saucepans which would not end well.

My stick wasn't man enough for the job so sadly I had no options other than to sink to the floor - more like a sack of potatoes than the dying swan I have to admit - graceful it wasn't!

As I was lying there prone on the floor with my sister and I deciding what to do next, the shop keeper happened to pass by.

"Are you alright?" he said, although I noticed he didn't try to rush forward to life me (I'm a big girl).

" Yes I'm absolutely fine", I replied, smiling up at him and leaning on one elbow like a Botticelli cherub, leaving him looking confused but convinced I was ok.

There was no way I wanted him to witness my bottoms up approach to getting off the floor. I can't lean on my wrists so have to use my forearms and stick my bum in the air before using the (now handier that I thought) garden chair to support me while my sister hung on like grim death.

How about you guys?

Judy x

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  • morning creaky, sorry but i have got to do this ,ha ha ha ha , that has made my day, it was so funny to read, back on a serious note i really hope you did,nt hurt yourself, but your right we can get into some strange situations, maybe we should all write a book on, a funny thing happened to me on ---------, sorry still laughing, need to go for a wee, will be back in a bit, take care, sue x

  • Yes flowerpot! I should have named the blog that. We need you all to put your 'funny thing happened to me' on here so we can keep laughing.

  • Very funny, thanks for making me laugh.

  • Judy,i was in a charity shop before my op. I wanted to try a stool that looked good for me to sit on in the garden. Thought we had out it together right,so i go and sit on it and the next thing i knew i was flat on my back on the floor. I was so embarresed i can tell you.

    Hope you didn't hurt yourself too much.

    Take care sylvi.xx

  • Didn't hurt myself at all - other than pride which was a bit sensitive at the time but has now been put in it's place.

  • yes, luckily I was with my more sensitive sister at the time. My brother, on the other hand, is already organising a 'strong team' to help me up and down when we go to the outdoor theatre.

  • Erm....You may have realised that I have missed my 10.00 deadline for starting my journey. Haven't even got washed yet although mostly packed now. I keep searching for that inner resolve to keep going but am struggling a bit. This is where I could do with someone here to help me. I'll get there in the end though.

  • it was 2 days before christmas and son phoned and said will pick you and dad up and you can come for a bit of tea and dad can have a beer , in the mean time daughter phoned, after hearing was going out ,she said we will come too [grandaughter as well], so off we went , son driving, o/h in front, daughter,grandaughter, and me in the back, well we got there, son got out o/h got out ,daughter got out grandaughter got out i could not get out, son had used his wifes 2 door , i was wedged in the back [ at the time shoulder was very bad , wrist was in straps knee was looking like a ballon and both feet was in agony] so after them carefully trying to push me out we decided that was,nt going to work, so after they had finished laughing, well it was funny, daughter in law and her family came to see what was taking so long, [she has no sense of humour] and suggested they bring food to the car, [ha ha knew she did,nt like me] , well any way had to crawl out of the car, while being pulled from the front and pushed from the back, it was,nt a pretty sight, at least it was dark and the neighbours could,nt see me, ----and after i had washed my hands, and cleaned up a bit it was a good night, needless to say did,nt go home in the back, sue x

  • Hahaha. I really wish that she HAD brought the food to the car. That would have been hilarious.

  • would,nt put it past her sue x

  • no thats mean, she,s lovely really,

  • I know this is going off subject a bit, but your predicament reminded me of a tale. True or not I don't know.

    A couple were making love in the back of a car when the man did serious harm to his back and couldn't move. The girl managed to sound the car horn with her foot and people came to see what the matter was. It was decided that an ambulance was required. Ambulance called fire dept. as needed to remove roof off car to extract man.

    After man gone to hospital one of the kind people who had first tried to help asked the girl if she was o.k, she replied yes thanks she was o.k but VERY worried about how she was going to tell her husband why HIS saloon she went out in, was now a an open top. :-)

  • Hilarious xxx

  • I wish i could have seen the mans face...thanks for the giggle Axx

  • Yes we should write a book of our RA adventures really! One of mine was getting stuck in the bath last October while staying in a holiday cottage near Dundee. I was flaring at the time and my shoulders and wrists were particularly horrible. The boys and OH went out to do a big shop in Asda and I thought I'd try and alleviate some of the pain by getting in a lovely hot bath. Stupid idea of course but I was beyond being rational and just craved warmth. Couldn't get out of course. Dog started howling as he wanted a pee, I was getting cold and ran out all the hot water while trying to devise a system for getting out. Finally after about an hour the door banged open, dog rushed out and emptied his bladder and I heard my OH coming into our bedroom. Suddenly getting out wasn't an option but a necessity so I heaved and propelled myself out by force. Half the bath came with me of course and my OH walked in to find me lying like a beached whale on the floor surrounded by a pool of tepid water and a bar of soap.

    Safe travels hope the break is really good and uneventful! TTxx

  • Oh my Tilda! I've read this twice to make surei read it right and I'm laughing and grinning as I type. So funny. I need a good laugh now and again so I will remember these blogs when feeling low. Xx Angie xx

  • Oh good I love making people on this site laugh - I'm sure everyone here has a handful of similar tales but if not I've got a few more up my sleeve for emergencies! TTx

  • Tilda,

    Ahahaha! Thank goodness you made it out. Imagine having to call the fire brigade to help you!!!!

    Although......wait a minute, I may just try the bath thing (with phone nearby)

    Judy x

  • Did you get there and back ok? x

  • Hi Summer - was that to me? Seeing if I finally made it to my sister's? I got there in the end but only after phoning a friend in tears and asking her to give me a motivational boost. I was all for cancelling as I couldn't cope with packing and felt so alone. She was great. It just shows, sometimes it just takes us to ask for help.

    Sat in the castle grounds the following evening watching Shakespeare performance with several jumpers, coats, umbrellas and bottles of wine - made it all worthwhile.

    Also - bizarrely, the lady in front of me had a hat knitted from her dog's hair (nice).

    Family do yesterday - Boy oh boy do they rip the 'p' out of me. We were playing 'granny's footsteps' with the kids and I was given star jumps to do. Great cheers and applause from the family although I didn't actually manage to get my feet to leave the ground. Funny (not). Great day though and I will have another week before worrying about getting home again. xx

  • yes It was to you creaky xx

  • Sounds great get home safely too.. not sure about the dog hair hat though! x

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