Xmas are you ready

Xmas are you ready

I know i'm going to make you all swear at me!!!!!!! i've got my xmas turkey in the freezer. It started with the sun perks,i started saving them every day as i have the paper. So the other week we were told to send in our vouchers for turkeys. The voucher came on monday, so hubby took me over to iceland in the afternoon and we went and got the turkey and a few others bits for xmas to put in the freezer. It make a change to get something for nothing,and i love a bargain.

I have also wrapped the presents for my hubbys family,my daughter so that she can't go snooping. I have also got my cousins family,but i haven't wrapped them yet. I have got xmas cards but i haven't got round to writing them yet. This will make you groan even more, wait for it, i've received my xmas card,would you believe that. I'm not that far forward though.

I feel that i have to do these things when i can as i can't quarentee if i will be able to get out when it gets colder.

Gina this is for you to groan/laugh at or whatever. I hope your feeling brighter today.

Can't resist this!!!!!!! Happy Christmas everyone, ha! ha! ha!

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Hi Sylv

You are certainly organised this year - well done you.

I would have purchased 4 presents when the parcel comes that I have ordered. This week we've ordered our m & s christmas meats and party food. First time we have been able to do it on line. So we are heading in the right direction.

Once again well done you and I hope you are feeling better

Sci xxx


Thanks,i'm getting there,one day at a time,up one day down the next. I just thought it will make people smile thats why i posted it. We have all been down and in pain just laterly and i thought we needed a laugh.

Sylvia. xxxx


I agree, thinking about christmas often conjurs good pleasant thoughts.

Certainly the blog will get alot of traffic in my opinion, let us know if you find any bargains!

Sci x


Do you mean Christmas 2011, or 2012 ! :)


good one! :)


Ha Ha Ha, not that forward yet.


I know how organised you ladies can be, was not sure ehehe


you really are the wag today aren't you lol!!!!!!


Lovely pic Sylvi. Is that your greenhouse? Who is the one with green fingers in your household?

You put us all to shame with your early preparations. We are out for Xmas Day this year but a whole crowd here for Boxing Day. Have ordered desserts rather than having to make them and will probably do a big glazed ham.

We are not keen on turkey so do try to avoid it. If we are at home, it is usually fillet of beef or a goose.

Going out with a friend this afternoon so hope to get one or two pressies - what a job it all is - feel just like giving book vouchers or something.

LavendarLady x


The pic is at lost gardens of heligan,thought with xmas and all that i would add to the confusion by putting up a summer pic. I like goose,but my daughter is not keen. Best of luck with the shopping, i've tried to get as much as i can on my own as hubby hates shopping, and he does all the work at home as well as hold down a job i think it is one way of making his life easier. The poor love doesn't need anymore aggravation doing xmas shopping.

Sylvi. xx


Sylvie, you made me groan and laugh. Good for you!


I aim to please. xxxxx


I have a few things stashed from other years.. havent done any thing this year! x .


Well done you!

I make my own cards. I started in January and make a batch when my hands are feeling good! It is my therapy, and have adapted my crafting skills to suit my RA.

I have started buying a few gifts, but no doubt I will make full use of internet shopping and will have it delivered to work, and if its a bit heavy I have some lovely friends that will help load it in my car!

I do think we have to do things when we can - I never know when pain is going to creep up and bite me!

Ho Ho Ho!!!!!

Pen x


Congratulations. You are an inspiration. I hope to get ahead like you have. I've already done my husband's Christmas and birthday gift shopping. His birthday is right around Thanksgiving. Thanks for encouraging us to not procrastinate!


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