You are all wonderful

Well lots of developments from my boo hoo time.

Doc came again yesterday and gave me gavapentin, a neuro drug that helps nerve pain and it has reduced the pain to very minimal. The antivirals have just about got rid of the shingles rash and I slept 12 hours last night, i was SO shocked when i woke up but feeling so much better!!

My daughter put out the xmas cards last night in the dark (thanks Sylvie) in about 6 minutes!!

I managed to go online to get my shopping after a discussion with Sainsburys online, as all the spots were booked and when i explained i am housebound at the moment they sorted it for me , so my shopping is on its way tomorrow!

My hubby and daughter put up the trees and fireplace and hall and front door deccies and they did a much better job than me, looks lovely!!

My cleaner, bless her, (i pay for her from my DLA) cleaned, changed beds for my mum coming and did my ironing. I paid her extra but well worth it, and guess what , she is collecting my mum from the station tomorrow.

And i am much more positive about them all helping at xmas after all your comments and thanks Cris for reminding me to look a last years blog and yes they did all muck in last year and it was great!

Love you all, you have been my rock during this little hard recovery bit :) Axx

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  • it must be great to be organised! i'm scatter-brained at the best of times never mind this time of year!

    i'm glad the gabapentin is heping you - it seems to take a while to get working but it helped with my heal pain. the problem i have with it is it makes me more forgetful and i can't remember what some things are called- it makes me forget nouns oddly enough but i think for me, if it's a choice between being forgetful and dozier and pain and i chose to be dozy and forgetful..

  • I will let you know when I have been on it longer but gosh it's helped the shingles what u call it eem pain, thanks emm mousicus!,!! Axx

  • What a lovely blog. I am so pleased for you ..... now is the time to sit, relax and enjoy a nice bar of chocolate (full of calcium so good for healing bones!). Xxx Virginia

  • Lol, will do but only a little, got diabetes on top of everything else, I am a blooming wreck,need rubbing out and starting again I think lol Axx

  • Allanah, i am so pleased that things have worked out for you. Everything works when everyone of us get our help allanah hats on. You now worry about getting better

  • Thanks for the tip, I feel I can relax and recover now, xxxx

  • Well we'd all miss you horribly if you rubbed yourself out and started again - the you we know is pretty wonderful and ever so brave. Your family obviously are too! Tilda xx

  • Lol, I wish I could rub out some fat though like a touch up photo! Ye they r great and I know they r with me, teenagers though...sometimes. And I know how gorgeous and talented your family are too, love and thanks , just watching rubbish tv with a cup of tea and feeling much less stressed and pained, god bless the docs, this time lol! axx

  • Thanks hoping so!

  • Thats all such a good result, and must be such a load off your mind. I'm so glad you were able to reach out and get help from all those different people in all those different ways.

  • Yes, glad they r helping and getting there now phew Axx

  • Hi allanah good to know that you are now sorted but it is sometimes difficult to put things into perspective. Glad to hear that the reminder of what you were like last year was helpful. We sometimes think that things are the worst they can get and it just needs a little prompt.

    I have been feeling really quite good since I had the steroid injection on 5 Nov and when I went for rheumy appt last week started to think maybe I had been imagining how bad I felt especially when told I had undifferentiated inflammatory arthritis and I ahd been convinced they would tell me I had RA. Been waiting for the big slump and it hasnt come so did a bank shift today finished at 5pm and am already starting to feel it feet feel sore and aching all over maybe I have been overestimating my abilities.

    Hope you continue to improve and enjoy your xmas with thise who mean the most to you.


  • Thanks Cris for the very helpful prompt , it did make me think and stop being so selfish, but I think the pain being less is the best thing . And don't u overd it!! Hoping the slump doesn't happen till January Hee Hee xxxx. thanks again A xx

  • hope it doesnt happen at all. and hope you keep well crisxx

  • Lol! Fingers crossed, if u can Hee Hee xx

  • Looking up for you now have a good Xmas x

  • You too xxxxx

  • Great Allanah, glad you are feeling a lot more positive, glad Sainsbury's sorted you out too, there is still some goodwill in the world.

    Relax and let the family run around after you this Christmas, I'm sure they will be happy that you have had your op and are on the road to recovery and they will want you to rest and take care.

    Mary x

  • Thanks Mary, mum arrived today, so should be easier xxxx

  • Bloomin' Marvelous! Happy Christmas!

  • Have a merry blooming Christmas too, think The Grintch said that!

  • It's great when everyone pulls together, that's the true spirit of Christmas. It's also good to hear that you are looking at things more positive now. Long may it continue.

    Take care and don't try to do too much. xx

  • Thanks, I hope so and can't wait to get back to driving though! One thing at. Time though xx

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