Let's get this party started

Let's get this party started

Out tonight for a dinner at a local restaurant for CAB. Hubby coming along but concerned as he doesn't know my colleagues. Said he would soon get to know them and they are a good bunch. Got to get the Secret Santa's wrapped up as well to take with us. Some of the other partners are coming as well. Don't know what to wear yet - will depend on the weather but do have a really nice calf length floaty skirt which I can wear with shoes or boots.

Also an embroidered black jacket to go with it.

Monday, it is the WI lunch, Tuesday the Magistrates get together at the Town Hall, Rotary Dine with Ladies Dinner on the Thursday, going to Thursford for the Xmas Show on Friday and a seafood meal at the club on Saturday. That's the diet I am on - see food and eat it. lol.

Xmas Carols followed by hot mince pies and mulled wine on the Sunday, Xmas Party and supper on the Monday, Jazz Evening at the same church on the Tuesday, another carol service on the Thursday at a different church with a meal afterwards and finally a birthday party on Xmas Eve.

Who says life is dull!

Have just sent for a bodycon dress from M & S so hope it fits when it arrives on Tuesday. I need something to hold the wobbly bits in! If it is ok, plan to wear with former said embroidered jacket, black tights and heels. Blow the RA in the feet as will be sitting down most of the evening on Thursday.

Had my nails done today but only had clear polish put on as plan to wash my hair before we go out this evening and then paint my nails. I do find that if they are freshly painted and you then have your hands in water, the paint flakes off!

Trousers and warm jacket for Friday at Thursford as it can be cold there. Haven't been for about 3 years so looking forward to seeing the show again. It really is a real Xmas spectacular. If you get the chance to go, do , it is worth it. Coaches come from all over the country as it is so popular, most stopping off at a local hotel for lunch or dinner before the show.

Coffee is calling + hot bottle for my shoulder which is really playing up today. LavendarLady x

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Sounds like you're all set for an action-packed run-up to Xmas:-}

My only Xmas meal this year is next Thursday with my colleagues from a mental health project where I work - they're a jolly crowd and we're going to a popular Italian restaurant in town. I've opted for the Italian Menu but the carnivores can have the full Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings.

I've been watching what I eat since the Listeria infection and my appetite was pretty poor, but the much colder weather has got me craving carbs so I'm busy filling up on porridge and pasta dishes!

I've ordered a couple of maxi skirts to try on - whichever one i go with can have it's first outing for the Xmas meal. With boots and knee socks I will be nice and warm but something different from my usual workwear of trouser suits:-}

Cece x


Ladies you lead full lives between you. I'm afraid to say i have nothing planned. Daughter has two meals next week, hubbys work doesn't do anythingnlike that and i'm out of work so nothing there either. Mind you ladies if this wather isnset to stay i won't be sorry as its so cold i wouldn't want to go out. WE are supposed to go to brum tomorrow,but if graces friend comes i won't go,as it is going to be a long day and very cold.If i stay here i might go up the village to the farmers market or just shoot over to bedworth to our new tescos and have a good nosey round there and see what they have got.

Take care lovely ladies.

Sylvi. xx


Hi LL,

Sounds like a great time is planned. I laugh when you refer to CAB, what exactly is that? I have to tell you in Ireland it is the 'Criminal Assets Bureau' I guess its something different in U.K. LOL!

My sister got a bodycon dress for her birthday party and it was fabulous, held in muffin top and smooth lined her 60 year old bod, to a 40 year old shape!! As soon as I get back on feet in New Year I am hitting the shops!

I am recycling clothes as unable to shop at all, and have plenty in wardrobe anyway.

Have a brilliant night and let us know how the quaffing of Champers goes and what CAB stands for?? Hope the shoulder ok, of all the joints I find RA in the shoulder joint the worst, try for an image guided injection if it keeps up, I got one in my left shoulder and it has'nt given me any trouble since (touch wood).

Regards, Gina.


Hi Gina, CAB stands for Citizens Advice Bureau. We have drop in sessions for people without needing an appt and we also see clients for pre arranged appts for a variety of problems.

No champagne last night but a couple of glasses of rose wine went down a treat. Only had 2 courses - fishcakes on a bed of spinach and cream to start, and sticky toffee pudding to finish. I can't manage 3 big courses these days so tend to choose a starter and pudding as being that much lighter. LL x


Delighted you had a fine time. Our cit adv does same thing great service, glad ur not a gangsters moll!

Looking forward to night out tint myself, sort of tired already.



Blimey, I'm exhausted just reading the list of things planned for the week. Hope you stock up on some energy drinks to boost you up inbetween the parties. Enjoy it all. Polly (CAB=citizen's advice bureau!)


Aha! of course CAB is Citizens Advice!


You are one busy lady!!, what is body con dress?... hope all the functions go well and you have a great time xx


LL You are always off to these wonderful events - have a great time. I have my works Christmas dinner and that is more work as all our trainees are there too, last year a fight broke out between two of them and one got really drunk and wouldn't go home. HIs wife was not too pleased when we left him off.

Gina - that was v. funny CAB -

I too want to know about this great invention called a bodycon!


A bodycon ladies is a dress that is so structured it holds you in, in all the right places (I hope!). It may yet be defeated by my wobbly bits but we shall see.

LavendarLady x


Hi LL,

I got a bodycon dress last year for under my LBD and I love it! Makes me feel so much more comfortable when out in a dress! ( not very often)

Wow too just reading your list off events has made me knackered!!

Ive had my two christmas meals with work, I now just have one planned with friends on the 17th our christmas dinner and drinks in the golf club, and our family christmas is on the 22nd as one off my sisters and my parents are off to sunny climates for christmas this year, so we will be having a full day off it with my niece and nephew and my two sisters and there partners, my better half and my lovely mum and dad, we will do presents in the morning like we would on a normal christmas together but we will only be opening and giving the gifts to each other, my niece and nephew will just be opening the gifts off me, mum and dad and my sister, so they will still have lots to open christmas day off there mums dads and other family and friends.

We always make sure we do the presents together and Im looking forward to spending the full day with them all, everyone gets involved in some way, playing board games or the wii, everyone helping out with dinner etc really looking forward to the 22nd the most.

Hope you enjoy all off the events you have planned.

Take care

Julie x


Hi Everyone, have a wonderful, wonderful Xmas and New Year and hopefully free of pain and discomfort.

Will let you know how the bodycon dress works out. I am not a dress person usually but tend to stick with skirts and tops. My favourite evening dress is one I cannot now get into as it is a size 12 but I keep it in my wardrobe in the vain hope that one day, I'll be able to wear it. It is a pale blue satin sheath with a blue chiffon overdress, strapless although there are straps that can be added, and the front and back splashed with tiny glitter. People usually know where I am as all they have to do is follow the glitter trail! It also has a shawl to go with it which can be worn as a sash as well. I used to wear it with very high strappy silver evening sandals and felt like a million dollars. Hair in an updo of course. Oh well, one can only dream now.

The silver sandals have long gone having given me terrible blisters at one "do" and I had to walk back to our friends house, clinging onto hubby who was a bit the worse for wear, in bare feet!

How our lives change with this wretched disease but as I have said before, I refuse to let it beat me. I am determined to beat it. Ha Ha says my consultant!

LavendarLady x