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24 hours from hospital.......again!

Hi everyone

Well I haven't done to much here on the site sinc wi got taken off the theatre trolley and cancelled, a) cos I was stressed and fed up but b) cos I have kept myself so busy I haven't had time to think!!

1) I emptied all the cupboards in the house and with the help of my friend had a good ole clean out.

2) I defrosted my fridge freezer and chest freezer, organised them into meat, potatoe, veg drawers.

3) Bought a new car, a Kia Picanto which is fuel and tax efficient and so much easier to get into and drive

4) Bought all the Christmas presents online, got and wrapped them.

5) got the hall and stairs redecorated by my painter

6) got the new coal wood fire that wasn't right refitted and hopefully working now by the engineers.

So in agony now!!!!!L BUT I feel so much more organised than I did when I went into hospital last time and with all the cancellations of the op Xmas is drawing nearer and

I had to get sorted!

So,hoping they don't cancel me again tomorrow!!

Love Axxxxx

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Ooh and looking at the above obviously now skint lol Axx


Well done allanah,wow I thought I was organised till I read yours,doesn't it feel good tho that all the wrappings been done !! My friend came this morning like she dus every year,she absolutely loves wrapping pressies and in return I make her bacon sarnies,then shortbread and endless cups of tea,she's so good.well allanah I wish you all the best and really hope it all goes ahead tomo.i will be thinking of you and waiting to hear how you got on.lots of love Michelle xxxxx


I will call ur friend next year!! axx


I know how great it is to feel organised at this time of year so well done. And SO much good luck for tomorrow. My friend whose story I related to you last time was here the other day and I told her about your recent experience. She told me to tell you that she was operated on as an emergency and a few days later someone was brought in and prepped etc and then they cancelled at the last minute for an emergency - just like you. The woman was in floods of tears and my friend felt awful for her - but was at least able to point out that when they say "emergency" on the neuro ward where she was recovering - they do actually mean it because if she had been left for another 6 hours even - she would be in a wheelchair with a colostomy bag now for the rest of her days. Not that this would make you feel better - and anyway by now you should be called an emergency yourself I feel? I'm sure it will all go brilliantly this time round - third time lucky as they say. I will be thinking about you all day tomorrow. Tilda xxx


Thanks Tilda, the galling thing is it was casualties not neuro emergencies byt yep still they are much more important than me thats for sure, Axx


Hey don't be daft you are undoubtedly the most important patient they have - especially to all of us here and to me of course. When i heard that the local nhs would be prioritising new referrals for my rheumy to see I told my GP that I couldn't argue with that. He said "well if it were all new rheumatology patients then that would be something but actually it could be people just in to have their varicose veins looked at for example!"

Good luck today Allanah - thinking of you. Tilda xxxx


Hi Allanah,

Good luck for tomorrow, have my fingers crossed for you.

Mary x


Thanks, hugs Axx


Good luck for tomorrow. I will be thinking of you. Sending you love and some gentle hugs my friend.

I love the sound of the new car too. Green is my daughters favourite colour.

Something to look forward to when you get out of hospital.

I took my husband to see Bon Iver a Canadian band in Manchester.

He was 54 last week so he is my toy boy... ha ha..

Still off work and still in dispute.

Best wishes:-) :-)

Carole x x


Ooh Bon Iver r great, that would have been fun. I like Arcade Fire from Canada too, saw them in front of Edinburgh castle and met them on the high street. I turned into a complete dweeb, and just stood violently shaking their hands and giggling innanly! I would not do that in my dreams lol! Hope work backs u up soon my friend ,!, Axx


Just wanted to wish you luck for tomorrow,hope it goes ahead & goes well .when I had my emergency operation on my back,it was also just before xmas,no cooking cleaning shopping wrapping etc....so worth the discomfort!!! Many hugs x


ha ha , ye not an emergency hear so far, but it is to me as i can feel the power getting worse in my arms each day!! Thanks () Axx


Hope they have red carpet out, and big bunch of (sterile plastic) flowers to greet you and make special effort after all the trouble you've been through. Hope all pain free and a breeze. Pollyx


heres hoping but i guess they wont even remember my name as there will have been a lot more people in the same boat since then I think. Thanks Polly Axx


Hope it all goes well and ahead tomorrow.

I'll be thinking of you, take care.



Thanks Josie, my daughter is gonna try and blog and let u know what happened or it will be me again tomorrow nite! Axx


When tomorrow comes for you i hope it will be an operating theatre and a job done for you. LOve sylvi.xx


My dear Allanah, I will be right there in mind and heart, with you all day tomorrow! I pray it will all go welll and give you the much anticipated relief! Good luck! One tip: When you feel like getting busy and doing things soon after surgery, Don't! It might be the drugs encouraging you:) Let it all heal first! Love ya, Loret xxx


Good luck thinking of you x


Hope all goes well tomorrow xx


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