So caught up with some posts!

Hi to all!

So I see we've done Xmas tunes and Xmas movies and I loved all your replies !

So what about your worst ever Xmas pressie???

Mine was a pair of American Tan tights wrapped in newspaper ftom my husband !!!

His skills I think were only matched by his mother who gives me second hand petticoats and nightdresses from the MIND shop!!!

Of course my mum laid into him and the next year got teddies, perfume and bracelet !!!! He's still rubbish but now my daughter buts and puts his name on them lol

Whets your stories ? Love A x

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  • A bar of chocolate from my h. It was wrapped beautifully though & I totally understood as we'd had a really bad year money wise & all the gifts we gave to others were home made & agreed we wouldn't, or rather couldn't, buy one another anything. I felt awful as he had nothing to unwrap from me. :(

  • Aww there's always that time isn't there were it's just not possible but I bet you both made up for it in the good times ! I would kill for chocolate right now lol , but sugars don't agree xxx

  • Ooo don't Allanah, you'll make me blush! Back in the 90's he surprised me & bought me an uber expensive diamond ring which I sold to my neighbour the same year that he gave me the chocolate bar. Paid the bills & kept the wolf from the door (Hacienda/tax man)!

  • Hi, Can't say it is the worst Christmas pressie I have ever been given but just yesterday our neighbour who is Turkish and runs the local kebab house popped over as we were getting in the car to go out and handed me a small parcel addressed to ' Mr John and Family'. There is only my husband and I and we know that he doesn't celebrate Christmas himself so it was a beautiful gesture on his behalf to show how much he appreciates the odd favour we do for him by taking in parcels etc. What put huge smiles on our faces was when I opened it to see a small box of chocolates very carefully wrapped in a sheet of chip paper from his shop ! lol. It was very sweet of him and definitely the thought that counts on this occasion.

  • oh that is SO nice!! it is the little things!

  • I can't say that I have had any really bad ones as they have all been useful even the perfumes that I did not overly like the smell of, they become bathroom sprays!

    But I can say from my daughters point of view one Christmas Day a boy in her class was not liked as he gave her Chicken Pox, they arrived in all their glory christmas morning, we were unable then to partake in all the festivities as I did not want her name blackened as this young boy had been.

    As from last year we stopped present giving to the wider family and we only give to our daughter and my parents. As a family we decided we were all getting too big and nephews were having children of their own that is was silly to purchase gifts when a card is lovely to receive. The only stipulation was that if you were going to have a member of the wider family to stay over christmas then you would purchase a small gift then for them. I think this is so more civilised and in the true spirit of christmas rather than the commercial world.

  • Think we will be the same next year, daughter will hopefully be at uni and boys have their own houses so it will be their turn to spoil us i think!

  • Having hinted like mad that I would like a certain book, a

    (Supposedly) friend gave me a "Wok for One" telling me it would be easier to wash up thet my normal sized one!

    Have you ever tried to stir fry in 6" Wok?

  • lol oh no !!!! thats would be high on must list of no no as well as the two colanders my husband gave me a couple of years back, yes two!!!

  • Hi allanah,

    many, many years ago a former boyfriend's mother bought me a thermal vest! Not the sort of present a 20 something wants for Christmas! LOL!

    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • ha ha , maybe she didnt want her son keeping you warm ha ha xx

  • :-)

  • A few years agoI go a lovely wrapped present from a friend and I excited opened it to find a red piece of elastic with a red feather on it. I think it was supposed to be a hair tie. I have short hair! Was it the thought that counts? Gentle hugs and crimbo jingles Joolz.x

  • mmmm thats just wrong Joolz !!

  • Talking of funny pressies, I just remembered one I received in an office bran tub. We all drew a name and bought a small gift for that person and it was handed out to each of us by our boss who adored dressing up like Santa for the day as we all gathered around him in a group. Fortunately I was on the phone when my name was called out so I was given my pressie to open later which I did at my desk a couple of hours after the event. I am still very curious as to which person thought that a middle aged married lady such as myself would appreciate chocolate body paint ! lol

  • yeah, that would have been hysterical but probably embarrassing, Did you try it!?????

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