2nd Hydro Pool Sessions. Mattcass

The physio said today what she has read about my illnesses s and what she see's is just amazing, they were expecting me to be hoisted into the pool and be monitored for the duration,There i was up the ladders down the ladders in the water out the water, I was only allowed small distances swimming but all the other exercises I was doing myself,Matt

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  • Another smile on my face.x

  • Yes, the legend is spreading!

  • Hi A thank you, and how are you just now.Matt

  • Having a good day today! Phoned hospital ..... Still waiting !

  • Well done Matt, hope the sessions help : ) xx

  • Hi Beth thank you, it certainly did.Matt

  • Well done you xx

  • Hi miss thank you. Matt

  • Thank You scouser.Matt

  • All the best

  • Thank You.Matt

  • Well done you Matt.xxx

  • Hi silvi thank you very much.

  • Awesome! There are healthy people out there who couldn't/wouldn't do that. You rock!

    Dotty x

  • Great stuff Matt, you'll have that weight off in no time!

    Cece x

  • MC, the man from Atlantis has got nothing on you mate. :) Well done!!!


  • Hi Tony mate i am suffering a wee bit noo, How are you getting on when do you see your transplant team I see mines on the 12th Dec. MC

  • Bad night for GLASGOW CELTIC out of Europe, my wee Celtic Nation won 11-0 on sat that's them second or top of their division.away to drown ma sorrows och a canny workin the mora.MC

  • The champions league dream is over MC but it seems the wee Celtic Nations dreams are just starting. 11-0 is some score line.

  • I see my transplant team late Dec when I will find out if they still think transplant is my best option at the moment. Last week I had a meeting with my lung consultant and also had a spirometry test done which showed another slight improvement. I'm now up to an amazing 30% lung function which is my best yet. The consultant with his weird sense of humor told me they were 'still crap though'.

    I thought yeh' crap they might be but not as crap as they were Ha Ha.

    It pays to keep the positive thinking going eh' MC.

  • Good for you Matt! I find hydro really helps too.

  • Thank You very much.Matt

  • What a hero! Well done Matt. I went to the local pool yesterday - first time in ages. They put the accessible steps out for me and I'm ashamed to say I could barely squeeze me hips down them. This was made even worse by the fact that the pool had one bit sectioned off for a teenage swim party. All those beautiful young things with their gorgeous bodies. (sorry that sounds a bit pervy doesn't it?) - but you know what I mean.

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