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having a catch up day :)

Hi all, hope you are all doing good and pain free but I bet that's asking to much.

I have not blogged in a while as have been in a constant flare and still am.

I got worse last Thurs and ended up at doc's. He did urgent bloods and made me go back the next day. He though I would be sent in to hospital. The reason he did was that he thought the MTX was affecting my kidneys hence the urgent bloods. As it turned out my kidneys were fine but my CRP had gone up from 32 2 weeks previously to 49. The doc increased my pred til I see rheumy nurse in 3 weeks time. Luckily I managed to get an earlier appointment for next Tues so 8 days and counting.

I thought the pain was bad enough when diagnosed but boy last week went to a whole new level and not one I want to visit again any time soon.

Si I am currently on 20 mg pred, 20mg MTX and 400mg hydroxychloroquine and still I flare.

The fatigue is also quite bad at the moment.

So feeling better than i did a couple of days ago but not great. Damn these illnesses and damn these steroids.............sorry needed to let off steam a little lol.


Keep smiling, cos if you don't you will cry as I did at 2.30am last thursday all over hubby's pj's as I had to wake him up to get me out of bed for the loo.

We have been wed for over 31yrs now and I told him he wed me for better or worse. So he has had 31yrs of the better bit now he has the worse bit lol

Take care all


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That's the one bit about this illness that I hate, having to ask for help to the loo when it's really bad. Everything else I don't mind asking for help but that one no I detest it. Sorry to hear your having a bad time of it lately, hopefully your visit to the hospital will get you sorted.

Take care. xxx


Thanks and yes hopefully will get sorted next week.


oh sue, Im so sorry to hear your news, Im sending you a big soft hug ,so glad there were no kidney problems, hope you are feeling better soon and the new increased meds kick in to give you some much needed pain relief. you have come to the right place to let off steam lol, we've all been there and understand and this dreaded disease does get you like this sometimes but we all understand and are here for you. Sometimes a good cry helps to let it out so dont feel bad about it. Congrats on 31 years of marriage i have aways to go yet only 26 years married. love the better or for worse bit. lol keep smiling hun big soft hugs lena xxx :)


needed that gentle hug thank you.


oh no, all i can say i thinking of you. Well done on your anniversary and I bet he doesnt feel it the "for worse" bit!! hugs Axx


LOL He is still here so prob not bless him.


Hi Sue, so sorry you are suffering so much. love & hugs from Alison x


thank you Alison


Sue, my poor old hubby has been my carer for the last ten years one way or another. We will be wed 30yrs in august and i thank god for him everyday as i couldn't cope with what is happening to my body if he wasn't by my side.

I have fatigue and it gets me down as well. My fingers are going crazy at the moment and being in constant pain gets me down too.

I am sending you a big sylvi hug.xxxx


big Sylvi hug greatly appreciated xx


Oh Sue i am sorry your having such a bad time. Do you think you could manage another hug coz i have sent you one xx


sure, thank you xx


Sue sorry you are in pain, Sending lots of hugs and a good cry really helps sometimes, Thinking of you take Care XXX


Thank you xx


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