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Teeth yet again

Teeth yet again

Just been to the hospital to see the Dental Surgeon (he locked the door so I couldn't escape!). Wouldn't remove the wisdom tooth today (pity) but has confirmed it needs to be taken out and it will be done under local anaesthetic. Had to go through all the drugs I am on for the RA so he is forewarned. Hadn't realised my hospital file was so thick! I thought it would be a little thin folder with just the letter and x ray from my dentist.

Mr. Lizi (dentist) had a look with his little mirror, touched the tooth with it and had to peel me off the ceiling afterwards.

Have been told the waiting time is mid to end November! Can't believe that when in so much pain, so they have put me on the list to be called if they get a cancellation. Did say if I had to wait that long, I would be tackling it myself with a pair of pliers and doing him out of a job. So more pain killers. Just finished the 3rd lot of antibiotics as well.

Appt at 3 p.m. got called in at 3.50 p.m. and out by 4 p.m. I must say there never seems to be any sense of urgency in the NHS. Loads of people wandering around carrying bits of paper and trying to look important.

The RA has settled a bit but my consultant is concerned at the flare ups every 2/3 months and has increased the MTX to 20 mg (Oh joy). Still talking about Ritumixutab, or whatever it is called but is trying the increased MTX first. I see him again in November for a review and update.

Pharmacist put me onto a pain killer for the tooth called Cuprofen. As it is addictive, I only take one at night to help me sleep otherwise its paracetemol and Nurofen for pain relief not only for the tooth but for the RA as well.

We were away for the weekend at a conference and I actually had 2 pain free days. Had a lovely room at the hotel, downstairs as it was a disabled room with a bed so wide, hubby thought we may have to communicate using mobile phones! Bathroom very large - could have held a party in there.

Food was lovely and it was nice to catch up with friends we hadn't seen for a while. Very good speaker on the Saturday Night - one of the TV Vets about his life and work. Quite fascinating. Can't help but think that if you need things doing, go to the vet rather than the doc. They have to do an extra year's training before they qualify and let loose on the animal world.

Anyway, that's the update. Will let you know once I get called for the extraction to be done. Now that will be a relief! LavendarLady x

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If you have the name correct "cuprofen" is a brand of ibuprofen??!! you best recheck the name as you could end up doubling up on ibuprofen!!


nurofen is ibuprofen as is cuprofen.( just two different brands). there is a product called cuprofen plus that contains ibuprofen and codeine.. it is the codeine that is regarded as addictive.

I always have to wait at least an hour to see my consultant..


Hi Summer, yes it is Cuprofen Plus and does contain the codeine. So I only take one at night to help me sleep as the pain seems to intensify at night. LL x


nice blog and train picture... I was just panicking a bit incase you took to much ibuprofen in total.. my old retail work kept my abreast of the different brands.. much is generic in the hospital!..

We had a lilttle laugh at the expense of one my colleagues.. he didnt know vallium was the brand name of Diazepam many moons ago!! then the latest new pharmacist said to the same colleague.. you will be saying you didnt know nurofen was ibuprofen next!! We had a little laugh at this colleague's expense .. he is a bully and he showed himself up with his lack of drug knowledge today..


Morning , You poor thing, how are you managing to go out with that tooth so sore. Liked what you said about the weekend away, think of the fun you could have in a bed that size!!!!!!! i know you in too much pain to even think about, but its funny thinking about it though.

My thoughts are with you. Sylvia.xx


Hi Sylvi, did havw 2 days pain free at the weekend. For some unknown reason, the tooth suddenly settled down - it may have been the antibiotics. But back throbbing again on the Sunday and been bad ever since. Trying to carry on as normal but every so often catch the tooth and yelp. Lavendar x



Do you have a Dental Hospital near by? We have one in Newcastle that also has an A&E - you can walk in with a dental emergency and be dealt with there and then. My last wisdom tooth extraction happened this way when I was waiting for the scheduled appt - I had spent a night in agony - when they x-rayed pre extraction they told me that the roots were long and had crunched down when I'd bitten into some bread and were directly touching the nerve. I felt like I was getting electric shocks along my jaw:-( The relief when it came out was enormous!

I hope that this soon gets resolved - you poor thing:-(

Cece x


Hi Cece, no we don't have a dental hospital here. I wish we did as I would go to the A & E. I suppose if it gets too bad I could go to the normal A & E at the NHS hospital but whether they would have a dentist on duty I don't know. Will see my GP tomorrow and see if she can chivvy them up a bit otherwise it is a pair of pliers! Lavendar x


Hi All, now in such pain from the tooth I can only take liquids as chewing, even on the other side is so painful. Have spoken to my dental surgery this morning and the dentist says he will try to get it out. So have an appt for Monday 24th October. Suggested they pump me full of anaesthetic so I don't feel a thing! Cannot go on like this as don't know if and when I would get a cancellation at the hospital.

Will ask the GP for more antibiotics as I am sure it is re infecting itself each time and see what she says. Or try to go privately. Getting quite desparate now with the pain. We are all used to pain with the RA but this is worse than child birth! wish me luck. LavendarLady x


Hi all, saw my GP yesterday and she has put me onto 10 days of antibiotics. In agony yesterday and had nothing but soup all day although have managed some scrambled eggs this morning but can't take anything which means I have to chew as it is too painful. I was meeting a friend for lunch and only had a scrumptious, thick veggie soup, whilst she tucked into chicken curry! Had one scoop of icecream to finish and she had sticky toffee pudding. Moan - my favourite.

Now also have a massive gumboil on that side so assume the abscess is pushing out as well. So have been rinsing with salt water, corsydyl mouthwash, slathering on the bonjela and dabbing the tooth with Clove Oil.

Also sat with a glass of whisky last night and kept swilling that round as it is a natural antiseptic (well that's my excuse) but what with that, the antibiotics and pain killers, did get a reasonably decent sleep last night.

Can't wait for the 24th unless the hospital calls me first on a cancellation but hope the new antibiotics will keep it calm until then. Lavendarlady x


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