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Been to see the orthopod re knees

I had an arthroscopy 3 weeks a go & went back yesterday to get the results.

The good news was that the top of the femur on one side was ok; the bad news was the most of the rest of the knee was either lacking in cartilage or minimal cartilage. There was also a tear which he tidied up.

It's still very swollen so I've got to take things gently - not good at that!!

I'll go back in 2 months so have got to wait until then to see if the knee is affecting the rest of my achey body or it's because the current meds of Sulfa & hydro are noteffective.

I will need a knee replacement in the future - I'm not keen having had the other knee done already which is better but still get s swollen & painful.

Now just got to wait for the results of another blood test to see if my pituitary tumour is a secreting one.

Still life goes on!!!...........

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Bless you, you are having it rough. There's so many bits complicating other bits for you at the moment I bet you don't know if u r coming or going lol. But at least u can wait till u r ready for the knee transplant and give u time to get over the scopes. Sending u hugs Axx


Pauline, i have to say i wish i had never had my kne done in the first place. I had to have it redone this year. The joint itself is mending and working well,but the swelling round it is bad and i believe the ra is attacking all the soft tissue. I had the arthroscopy and it didn't do much for me either.

I am sending you good wishes and hugs. sylvi.xx


pauline dont forget to do the exersises they gave you

from what i here thats most important to pulling things back

hope everything works out for you

regards john


Hello Pauline,

good morning from a fellow .... (I'm not going to say 'sufferer') ..... person whose knees annoy them considerably!

I'm wondering whether the arthroscopy was the first you knew of the damage to your knees? Or did it just clarify matters? I'm new-ish to all this & find it shocking that joint damage is monitored so haphazardly. I've had quite a few x-rays which appear to show that quite a lot of damage has happened rapidly but now they're saying that because my knees are so swollen the images might be misleading. But nobody's in any hurry to get a more accurate picture! Meanwhile, god only knows what is happening in there - it almost seems that they don't bother to monitor carefully because knee replacements are possible! And yet, as you and Sylvi say, they are not all that.

I am wracking my brains for something constructive to say & all I can think of is that swimming does seem to really help me more than anything else. It so stands out as being the one thing that my knees seem to like! I'm sure you've tried it already, but if not I'd recommend it as a very effective anti-achey exercise that lifts the spirits, too. (I can't really do other exercises.)

Hope that the pituitary tumour results are all good.

Christina xx


i think as women we are all not good at taking things gently but rather we give the advice to others. So I am giving the advice to you, Pauline, do take it easy, sit when you can and I do hope the results come back good for you on the pituitary tumour.

Take care xx


Thank you for all your replies & support :)

The blood results came back as normal just not sure where it leaves me about the tumour. I imagine they will monitor it, it's slow growing & benign but if it enlarges too much it could crush the optic nerves & cause blindness!

I am so tired & achey today, not sure if it's due to the weather or something else.!!


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