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Seven thirty this morning and i get a phone call from the consultants secatary(excuse spelling) about my swollen knee. I am to have the fluid taken off my knee on the 4th May to have a injection to see if there is any infection in there. My back is still sore and i am waiting to here the results from the MRI i had on good Friday.xxxxx

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I hope something positive comes from this. Lovely Camellias! I am looking at an identical bush.

Ooo! Ouch, sounds painful Sylvi. Hope everything goes okay and you get yr results soon. Is that an Azalia, lovely colour?

Deejojo in reply to Smiler53

Aww bless u hope it’s all

Ok hun x

Thank you

Take care Sylivi xx

Does sound ouch, but fingers crossed no infection. Thinking of you, Rie xx

Ooowa. I had the same to both knees when first diagnosed. I was relieved the tension went . It was jolly uncomfortable at first then things really improved had a syeroid injection into joint. All the best Sylvi

I'm sure it will be worth it, is the camellia flowering now? X

sylvi in reply to summer32

Yes it is darling in my back garden.xxxx

Good luck. Love the camellias. My mum bought my oh and I one for our 40th wedding anniversary last December. I kept it inside while it was really cold and it got very confused and had lots of beautiful flowers. It’s outside now.

Let's hope the fluid draining helps & reveals what's lurking. Our hospital takes ages to read MRI's & pass the results to Consultants so I hope you're not in for a long wait.

Our camellia is the same colour as yours & has been flowering beautifully but the buds are now dropping. I guess it doesn't know what to do with the temp being up & down at the mo. It's been putting on lots of growth though. Your looks lovely. x

Hope you get the right results and your injection not to sore .take care

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