Been to see GP back pain

Back went last Tuesday morning, was up at 4-0am,slept in recliner chair on and off. Eventually tried to get dressed about 9-00am but found i could hardly move. Took codene as already taken para. Then it was take your time for the rest of the day, take pain relief when needed. It took two days could move about quite freely taking my time not moving too quick.That was all lower back.Thursday morning was awaken by pain across my back at under arm level. Decided to go GP and see what they said and to ask them to contact consultant to see if they can get my rhuemy appointment brought forward.I saw a locum who didnt know what to give me so gave me codene ,but is contacting rhuemy to see if he can give me earlier appointment as mine was moved from 14th March to 1st August. Then wake up this morning to the same again having a job to move around, daughter has been in to do shopping, son did some in the week. Dont like asking them for help as they work all week, and i know they will do it for me.

Hope everyone else is good and not in too much pain .


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  • I'm glad your family is helping you and hope you get some good news about rheumy apt soon. Tilda x

  • thanks Tilda hope you get the results you want from your trials.


  • Ask for cancellation appint or get referred? guess you live near your hosp? as your map showa hospital lane??!!

  • That hospital lane is in blaby i dont think there is a hospital there. I live on Eyres Monsel Estate, near a ring road which takes me nearly straight to the hospital. It takes 20mins if the traffic is on my side.


  • Hi Chris,

    I re your post and thought I had written it! This is exactly where I am but when I went

    To see the out of hours dr when the pain moved to my upper back, he said I had

    Shingles and gave me some anti vitals after a few days the upper back pain went.

    Hope you soon feel better, glad your family are supportive.

    Gentle hugs


  • thanks , no that wasnt mentioned he did feel my back but it was painful to his touch. He was a bit worried at giving me anything as i have several things wrong , so he just gave me codiene . It was the safest thing for him to do.


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