been to see my nurse

had my usual 6 months appointment today with my Rhuemy nurse so thought i would mention the pain in my achilles, so she checked them out and explained it's all part and parcel of this Ankylosying spondylitis, where the tendons connect to the bone you can get inflammation, and as she said to me she is surprised my tendon has not ruptured as they are very swollen and tender, so she is going to have a word with someone about getting me some special insoles and also going to see about having injections into my tendons asap. I see my rhuemy consultant on monday so hoping she will be able to help too because i am in agony, every step is painful and i could cry with the pain im in. Been advised to try and have complete rest, (easier said then done) take some stronger painkillers and when sitting put my feet up and on a hot water bottle, not to use ice though!! so gonna give this a go, the only shoes im comfy in is my trainers but dont think wearing them at work will go down too well but im going to try and put the black ones on tomorrow and explain to the boss, see how sympathetic she is!! oh well just something else to add to the list of things, getting proper fed up with joints at the moment, just wish i could feel human again.........

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I'm going to the Biomachanics on the 14 May, good luck with your appointment .



You can get special insoles from the internet or at foot specialists. I got an extra pair from the place where i get my nails done,there is a lady who tends to peoples feet and she has them there,mind you it cost me £30 and i was given a pair from the podairist as well. You might be able to get them from the scholl shops or try the chemists as i believe they sell them as well.



hi I have just got back from musculo skeletal who did the mecanical assessment a couple of weeks ago. They have specially made me some shoes and made insoles also. Ive just collected them and they are "bouncy!!" Maybe you could get this appointment speeded up so that you could have the shoes and insoles for work. But I think your boss should be grateful u are working and not just going off !!!!!Axx


Your description of injections into your tendons make me wince! How horrid as sounds more sensitive than a jab in your bum but hope it provides relief. My insoles are great and make massive difference. With them I can do nearly everything I used to, and without them I'm hobbling in about 20 mins. Good Luck. Polly


Hi, just recovered from tendonitis in my achilles tendon. Ws a nightmare! My rheumy registrar got me in with orthotist (he gave me insoles to wear and suggested rubbing Voltarol on the swellling every day to help pain and swelling). He was great, got tailor made insoles and even gave me a spare pair. Rheumy cons. and GP both useless as couldnt give me any advice except to take painkillers. Couldnt walk more than a few yards, was in constant pain, like you say. They put me in for an ultrasound scan with possible injection into the bursa (sp?) but that took 4 months to come through by which time it was better (total of 5 months). Meantime (bear with me here!) the orthotist checked me again and said to get a scan right away in case I've torn the tendon. Rang GP and she got me a scan a few weeks later. Not torn but very inflamed. Tried for more advice from rheumy and GP said "no action" on the notes! I asked her about that as I didnt know what to do with myself. I said if you tell me to stick my foot up the chimney for 4 weeks I'll do it, but just want someone to give me advice!!! Got in to a physio and she gave me some exercises and said my bursa wasnt inflamed so doubted that I'd need an injection. Apparently (according to her) the injection is a specialist procedure as it can be tricky to get in the right spot and as the bursa is okay, she didnt think I would need the injection. Not sure if it does go into the tendon or not, but in your case you may be different.

Finally got my original scan appt through but didnt take it up as by then I was all but healed and back to walking as before, even doing my 90 min. country walks. But I have the insoles in all my shoes, work like a charm. The Voltarol was great, saved taking too many pills!

So my advice is to get your GP to get you in to an orthotist to get proper insoles made, try to see a physio to get some exercises and ask about the injection and the bursa question - this is a sack of fluid that cushions tendons and from what I was told, this is where the injection goes, not into the tendon itself. Couldnt believe it was 5 months but everyone says achilles dmage is slow to heal!

Good luck with it. let us know how you get on.



Thanks lynn thats very helpful. i had injections into my hip via ultrasound for a bursa which had popped out n settled on the outside of the joint painful but it worked. i will try the volterol in fact i will try anything.


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