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Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with RA in July last year, after several visits to my GP due to pain in my hands,wrist, elbows, feet, knees,ankles and neck. This has been ongoing for about a year.

Before this I was receiving treatment for lower back pain for the past twenty plus years. Which involved being in traction for 7days, carapractic , osteopath, psychotherapy and pain killers.

I'm also under trauma and orthopaedics as my right knee began giving me lots of pain, eventually resulting in my whole leg from my ankle upwards turning black, blue with lots of swelling. Continue to move a round as best I could, rang doctors told they couldn't see me, sent to walk in clinic, they then sent to A &E. X-ray showed nothing, referred to orthopaedic clinic. 3months later had MRI, got torn ligaments, damaged cartilage and my knee joint is rubbing. He described it as severe degeneration in my knee as he would have expect to see in someone who plays sports or an athlete. Too young to have a knee replacement ,so I'm in Limbo.

I've applied for a blue badge to help me get around and will obviously only use when I'm having a bad day. Anyone got any advice on the process?

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  • I have got RA and was given a blue badge as my hands wrists shoulders are really bad. So try and get one.

  • I applied on line got it within a week just need past port photo and proof of pip mobility 8 points Or more gives you automatic award

  • I've not applied for PIp and I'm trying to continue working for as long as I can.

  • You can work and have pip i know people that get it

  • Hi junebee,

    I must admit to not knowing much about all this, it's all very new to me.

  • is that right I have pip and ten points gor my hands I apply every 3 yrs for my badge how do you get oit automatic ly as I'd like to no how .iv never bin told

  • You can apply on line you have e to send proof of pip mobility i have to renew every 3years go to your local council web site and look on the DWP site for rules on blue badge just Google it

  • I'm only getting the lowest mobility for my hands but was awarded pip lady octhat iv never done it on line before x mine runs out July

  • You need to do it six weeks before it runs out send them pip proof of 8points or more by automatic i ment you don't have to have the assessment hope this helps

  • Di I need to send them a cop of my pip I did have a covering letter I will try and find it

  • Yes send copies

  • since my assessment iv bin told I have fibromyalgia and now dyspagia I swollow solids food .I did have a letter stating I was awarded 10 points for mobility do I send a copy of this and a copy of my assessment I got bk in a booklet.iv slways had help my daughter is my carer iv never applied for mobility just dla but was given it after the pip assessment on the lower amount so am I still entitled to it automatism. iv been going in front of medical people every 3 yrs for my badge ty

  • Yes follow there on line instructions and pay the fee

  • do I just need a copy of the letter stating I'm getting mobility x sorry im.not with it this morn x

  • please can you send me proof of this as I wasn't told I'd get it automatically

  • Hi Annabelj

    I applied for my blue badge before I was diagnosed with my arthritis ,but after my back issues(I've had three ops for degenerative disc disease). My advice would be is that if you aren't already in receipt of pip,then you'll prob have to go for an assesment - I found mine to be much less stressful than the pip process - but I took all letters relating to my health conditions,and was just honest with them - base everything as if you're talking about a very bad day(regardless of wether she says base it on an average day).and if you use any walking aids,make sure you have those with you too. As long as you have the medical proof to back you up,I don't think you should have any issues at all. But I'd also say take someone else along with you if you can,tell them that you were driven,and be prepared to be watched from the moment you get out of the car in the car park. They're getting a really bad press at the minute,but again,it's because of the few that abuse the system that ruin it for the rest of us genuine users. They still are quite hard to get hold of in my area,regardless of the press saying anyone gets them dished out!!

    Good luck

    Nicki x

  • Thanks Nicki, I'm dreading it, but was as honest as I could be on on the application, listing the consultants, doctors and A &E visits plus the meds I'm currently on. A &E have given crutches to use but don't use these very often and when I'm really bad use my stick.

  • I have AS and like you claim no benefits, and doing my best to keep working. On good days I could manage without badge. I struggle on inclines and stairs, as I have fusion of my sacroiliac joints, and both hips are very painful. I have just applied, and am dreading the assessment, as known my luck it will fall on a good day. Should be automatic for anyone with inflammatory arthritis as we all have flares. Good luck 😁

  • Thank you runrig01, I shall keep my fingers crossed for a good result for you and myself.x

  • You don't always need pip to get blue badge. I listed my conditions and did a phone interview

  • Didn't know they did telephone interviews. I can only try and if they turn me down they do!

    I was just interested to hear if anyone else had applied and if so what the procedure was.

    Thank for all your answers.x

  • Dotty55

    Hi I have just got my new blue badge I have osteoarthritis in my spine and arthritis in both my hips when I got my letter to renew my badge I wrote about the arthritis and that I can't get out of the car in a normal parking bay and when my husband is at work I have to get taxis as I don't drive I don't claim any benefits as I am trying to keep working even thou I am in pain all the time even being on a lot of medications when you send the form back you have to wait for them to say you are successful if you are successful they give you a number which will be on your blue badge and then you can pay the £10 I didn't have to have an assessment or a telephone call I received my badge before I had paid the money

    Good luck hope everything goes alright for you


  • Hello,

    Thanks to a very persuasive friend and husband (!) I finally plucked up courage to apply for a BB recently. I haven't applied for DLA/PIP and was absolutely convinced I would be turned down or asked to go for an assessment which I would fail.

    In my area (Oxford) it seems almost impossible to get a hard copy form so I had to fill it in online. I found the form very hard to fill in and some of the questions so difficult to answer because as we all know, our health can be very variable. But I took my time and gave them as much information as I possibly could.

    But to my surprise, about three weeks after submitting my application I had an email confirming that I would be awarded a BB, I paid the £10 and the BB arrived about a week later. I wasn't asked for assessment, telephone interview or anything and they wouldn't have had time to ask for doctor reports. So it must have been just the information on my form which decided them. I did ticked all the boxes on the form that asked if they could access any other information held about me by the council which I assume meant they could see my previous Occ Health/Physio assessments /recommendations which may have helped. That said those assessments werent very recent so I thought they wouldn't "count".

    I can honestly say my BB has made a HUGE difference to me in the short time I have had it and I would encourage anyone who feels they are eligible to pluck up courage to apply if they can. And if you have a local Citizens Advice or similar, they may be able to help you fill in the form - I would have welcomed that if it had been available.

    Really good luck!

    Tilly xxx

  • Thanks Tilytop

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