Compressed disc is giving me a good kicking today......................

I was out yesterday morning in town on my scooter shopping,then we went home and had lunch and a rest after lunch we went and did the food shopping and when we got home i rested for the rest of the day. I slept fairly well last night so it doesn't make sense how i am feeling so rough this morning. The pain from my back is excruciating, it is going striaght down my right leg,my knee is still very swollen and painful and my ankle My back is still very tender and i am struglling to get comfortable as well and feel like crying it is that painful.xxxxx

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  • Sending you very gentle hugs.


  • Best wishes sylvi , rest up and put a heat pack on the sore part ! Feel better soon xx🌸🌸

  • sorry to hear that sylvi u must be in so much pain rest up and keep warm hope u feel better soon mary xx

  • I'm sorry Sylvie. Disc pain is horrendous. :( I hope you get some rest tonight.

  • I hope you feel better tomorrow x

  • Oh Sylvi, you have my sympathies - disc pain is one of the worst. I was going to say take it easy today, but I know it's difficult to find a comfortable position to rest in!

  • Thats my trouble getting comfortable. Thank you for caring.xxxx

  • You really are taking a kicking aren't you.Huge gentle hugs and sympathy to you.


  • Thank you darling.xxxx

  • thinking of you x

  • Wishing you well Carol xxx

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