What sort of mattress to get?

I know this looks like a petty question, but I'm making a big buy. I was speaking to my sister today, and she said she tried this £1000 mattress, but it was too expensive to have. I said that I would rather have a good mattress than a fridge freezer that dispenses ice-cubes. I'm having a miserable, uncomfortable night every night. I need turning during the night, as I get stiff & can't turn independently. However, I like a soft bed. Any mattress that I get will be on an 1870's sprung frame, walnut veneer on oak. I love my old bed!

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I recently purchased a new mattress and I had the same dilemma,I viewed the more popular joint support ones such as the Tempur mattress and even tried them out but didn't find them comfortable. I was told that if you are a restless sleeper Tempur mattress isn't the right choice as it molds to you position which can take time if your tossing and turning!

I eventually settled with a good memory foam and was informed that anything with 1200 spring + is the best choice. I haven't regretted this and eight weeks later it's a perfect choice.

In the past six months have also suffered with back problems and this mattress as helped considerably.

Take care

mand xx


I recommend a medium firm mattress as I have what my physio describes as chronic back pain also.

When diagnosed I replaced the whole bed. my original bed still in good nick is the spare it had sprung base and sprung mattress but.. not sure if that is the best combination if some one suffers from chronic back pain!

My new bed is non sprung base but deep pocket sprung mattress my bed/ mattress is mid range.." Myers.". but if you have the spare money you can go more expensive.. beds/ mattress should be replaced every ten years.. my Myers comes with a ten year guarantee..

I feel like our disease that beds/ choice of beds are an individual matter and people's needs/ tastes are naturally different .


good luck with the shopping It took me ages to choose mine and I needed two one for home and one for our caravan.

Luckliy I found a good one in argos an orthapedic type, I too move about a lot in the night so needed something that would allow this.

My cost around £300 each a bargain as they were in the sale and had the £100 off when you spent over £500 I think they were originally priced at £480 each so I got a bargain.

hope you find the right one for you, but its definatly a personal thing I think.

Take care

Julie xx


i would try a mammoth matress it is popular with sports men and women its a good price as well £500 for a king size


Hello Andrea

There are another couple of links that you may find useful when looking to buy a new mattress.

The Sleep Council can offer lots of advice both on how to improve your sleep and how to go about getting the best possible bed:

The Disabled Living Foundation also produce a useful factsheet on what to look for when choosing a bed:

Happy hunting!



I love those old bed frames, since we opted for a kingsize bed, my 5 yr old daughter has our old sprung bed with walnut veneer frame :-(

Anyway, matresses, we have a king size sultan matress from Ikea, with a matress topper about 5 cm thick. I have never slept so well on it! its kinda supportive not too firm though....and the topper is soft.....although it wasn't that expensive as it was from Ikea, it was their most expensive option! Does that make sense?

My dad also has RA and he has the most expensive tempur mattress and absolutely swears by it (as does my mum who hasn't got RA), I think they do a free home trial before you buy as they are pretty expensive.

good luck, there's a lot of choice out there!


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