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Hello everyone, I have finally decided to change my bed and mattress. Does anyone have any advice and recommendations? I'm thinking of investing in a memory foam mattress and just wondered what views you all had?

Many thanks.

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  • Hi

    The advice my spine surgeon gave me was to avoid memory foam as they kind of hold you in place. His advice was to get a medium (not firm) pocket sprung (as good as you can afford but don't break the bank) and to get a mattress topper.

    In fact he said to get the mattress topper first as that may be all that is needed. As long as the current one isn't too soft or worn out.

    I can't vouch for his advice I'm afraid as I haven't bought one yet, but the toppers are only relatively cheap. I'm just not very organised!

  • We bought a mattress topper each, but didn't get on with them. They were memory foam, on top of memory foam mattresses.

  • I guess his response would be memory foam X 2 = nope!

    He did say memory foam feels comfortable but from a spine-health perspective isn't ideal.

  • I have RA and spinal surgery and would definitely recommend ergoflex mattress. My husband and I haven't slept so well since we got it.

    It has a cooling system in it too so you don't over hear.

    When it arrives leave it 2 days to plump out and get rid of the natural smell but it's amazing!

  • It's like sleeping on a marshmallow that loves you.

  • 😂

  • I bought a pocket spring mattress and a down and silk topper. The combination of firm but individually moving support and the cushioning of the topper is just right for me - although I do need pillows to support my body when I'm asleep as I like to sleep on my side, and another pillow under the bed cradle at the bottom of the bed.

    I tried out other people's memory foam - too hot for me. I tried out various toppers and this one was not too hot because of the silk, but not so slippery that I couldn't turn over (a problem with just silk under me). I also have a silk duvet which is very light and warm in winter but not hot in summer (they are expensive but I got mine in a sale).

    But I would encourage you to experiment if you can - ask around what friends have got and ask if you try them out - you can ask if you can have a snooze in a friend's bed if you take your own sheets and your usual pillow.That's more use than the short rest lying on a mattress in a shop!

  • I am in love with my " sleep number" bed. They are expensive, but they have a zero interest payment plan, and we pay a very decent amount monthly. You just easily adjust "firmness" and bed "position" with a "remote". So there can be no mistake- you quickly learn what your body likes, and doesn't like. Good luck!

  • Hi, oldtimer, I wish I'd tried out friends beds before I bought my Sealy Posturepedic - a mattress supposedly for people with severe back problems like me. I tried the one in the store for a few minutes, but the one they sent me several weeks later was much harder and like sleeping on the floor! I had to get a mattress topper as I couldn't stand it and never got any sleep! I still have to sleep propped up on pillows, on my side, though, and only ever sleep for about four hours a night because of pain and discomfort. Kind regards,

  • Definitely. I bought a memory foam mattress topper.My matress is a good quality one but any seam on it I could feel.This way it's much more comfortable.

  • I bought a Therapur mattress from is 2000 pocket sprung with a pillow top infused with memory was about £900 but so worth every penny...I , like many others found memory foam comfortable but hot 😁

  • We have a good mattress and a Hotel quality mattress topper. Can recommend this comfy option

  • I love my memory foam mattress- its the place where I am in the least pain.

  • Didn't like memory foam mattress, prefer a firm mattress, helps with getting out of bed.

  • I have a pocket sprung mattress with a topper. It is a medium firm mattress, which my doctor advised. He said too firm was too hard on RA joints and too soft not enough support (no bears or porridge included). I also found foam mattresses very hot. As I sleep with my husband I found I was falling into his side. We have bought to singles put together with a topper cross the top. I have may sure it is all latex free, due to allergies.I use one pillow due to neck problems.

    I feel although we can give our experiences, it really depends on your list of symptoms. ie upper/ lower back. Neck involvement. Whether your hips need support etc.

    TRY, TRY

  • Thank you everyone! The decision has been made! Allanah. I've gone for the ergoflex £100 extra off because I ordered today.

    Thank you all for all the advice. Sweet dreams!!

  • I have no experience of memory's but have heard they're ok if you sleep in the same position. Last august I bought a Hypnos mattress but still cannot get comfy due to pain issues so I'm not sure what to recommend. Good luck x

  • I had a memory foam one for years it was ok but too hard for me ,Personally I prefer a Latex mattress as it molds to your body over a small time ,they are warm in Winter and cool in Summer. Very few High streets stock them if any do so I get mine on the internet and concidering what you pay for a decent quality mattress today they aint to costly.

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