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wedding reception

We had an invite to a friends wedding reception last night. They have lived together for 23yrs and now they were getting married. The wedding was held at the belfry golf course, very posh!! We got there and we were able to park right outside the hotel, thank you blue badge, there has to be some advantages to these diseases.

There were some of the biggest chandaliers you have ever seen. We found out which room it was being held in, we met the couple and caught up with each other as we hadn't seen them in a while.

There was a disco in the room, but this is only as background. The entertainment was a couple of blokes called "The black country boys" They do tributes to stars eg. robbie williams, freddie mercury. They also were doing comedy, and boy were they funny. They did a routine about a teapot song that we used to sing as children with four people from the party. Getting the people to repeat the words with a single different word. I can tell you it was hilarious . There was adolf taking the mickey out of hello hello, with the big boobies, get the drift of how the night went. The poor woman was wetting herself with embarrassment and laughter. Mind you we weren't much better.

I have to say i was dreading it as i can't dance these days and i don't like the pressure to get up and dance, so this evening was a real pleasure for me and the hubby. We didn't leave until nearly midnight so that tells you how goos it was, usually we go and show our faces and then make an early exit as i don't really feel up to it most of the time.

Suffice to say i'm suffering today, never mind it was worth it for me to be able to enjoy myself without the pressure.

Well lovely people i will go as i've bored you enough!!

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So glad you had such a good evening, sometimes enjoying ourselfs is worth the extra suffering the next day.

Rest up today and take it easy.

Take care

Julie x


Hi Sylvia, sounds like you had a great time, you deserve it too, it's nice to enjoy ourselves once in a while and forget about our illness.

Hope your not suffering to much today, but like Julie said ( above) sometimes it's worth it.

Take care

mand xx


thanks girls, it was a good night and yes i'm suffering, am very tired and ache boy do i ache, but for enjoying myself it was worth it. We didn't indeed to stay that long, if there was a disco i don't think we would have stayed long. I used to love dancing and it still hurts that i can't get up and dance, but last night was soo different from anything we'd been to so yes it was worth it.

Sylvia. xx


Sounds like you had a lovely time. :-)


Hi Sylvi, what a lovely day you had. so glad you were able to enjoy it even if you couldn't dance. I find these days that I can do a slow shuffle with Himself (he was never a great dancer anyway, unlike me who loves dancing) but nothing more strenous. My head banging days to Status Quo are behind me now - I'd fall over if I tried!

We all overdo it occasionally and suffer the next day but sometimes it is worth it. Hope you are feeling more rested today. LavendarLady x


wow.. great choice of venue and band exciting day for you x


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