The wedding

The wedding

At last I can tell !! Our daughters wedding venue was Telford Shopping Centre !!

There is a film on YouTube titled The Wedding, click on Telford Shopping Centre to find or Shropshire Live on the Internet. I have not the brains to move the YouTube film across to this site !! I need my grandson and his IT brains to do it for me.

I am sitting behind bridesmaids in silver grey hat. Our daughtervKate and Mike the groom both met at the shopping centre where they both work and this drove them on to be married there. It has taken some careful planning on their part, special licenses etc.

it was a very enjoyable day, but very tiring for me. I did however manage to climb the stairs to go and see the girls and to help with putting Kate's veil on !! I had two amazingly kind and lovely security guards helping me up and down, and a very handsome burly guard took my arm and walked me right up the long shopping mall to my seat for the ceremony. I am happy to report that my wedding shoes proved to be very comfortable and not quite the nightmare I wascexpecting. All in all it was a wonderful day. Xx

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  • I saw you was shopping with husband and was outside Clark's having just battled through the square when she went passed she look beautiful and so happy

  • Oh Olive, I'm really pleased you saw the wedding ! It was chaotic but the fantastic security staff looked after things really well. I am totally exhausted today, stayed at hotel last night and bed was very hard, Ken had to haul me out of bed as I could not move with pain, but we had a very good day. Lynda xxxx

  • Hi Linda

    What a fab day you all looked to have. Love your hat and your daughter and grandson look amazing. I really like the colour of the bridesmaids dresses. Hope you are taking it very easy this week. When I stay in hotels I always ask for a spare big duvet. I double it up and sleep in top of it. It helps.

    Take care KiKi x

  • Kiki, that's such a good idea, I never thought about that one !!

    Lynda xx

  • You can also but memory foam toppers which roll up. Which would be worth getting if you travel a lot as I do. X

  • Wonderful! What a joyful and fun occasion, and it's so good to hear you were able to participate as you had wanted to. Certainly a day for making outstanding memories

  • So pleased that it all went well and that you were able to enjoy it to the full.I have very happy memories of my daughters weddings, the emotions, and the delight of seeing them so happy!

    Only topped by the! arrival of my gorgeous grandchildren !

    Now make sure that you have a good rest! M x

  • I'm so pleased it all went without a hitch, particularly that you were able to see Kate before her wedding. I've watched it online, it was lovely seeing all the shoppers watching & she looked so happy. Pleased you had comfy shoes too!

  • What a lovely pic to see first thing on a Monday morning. So glad you made the day---- you will have lovely memories. Love the venue xx

  • I bet you enjoyed yourself very much.xxxx

  • Fantastic - I just knew it would all work out for you somehow! X

  • Thank you all for your kind comments re. Kates wedding. It was on front page of local newspaper this evening, telling of how they met at work and the decision to hold wedding in shopping centre etc. there was a wonderful picture of bride and groom, and I felt so proud !

    Some of you might remember that I have been having lots of tests regarding severe rash on upper body. I have had blood tests, x Rays and been seen by Dermatologist. This is in addition to ever increasing pain and lack,of movement in joints. Well, I am seeing rheumy tomorrow to discuss the findings. I have a horrible feeling I might be told no reason can be found, that tests are negative etc. Rheumy did think it might be lupus or psoriatic arthritis but I have a history of being sero negative. I just need answers now because I am so exhausted constantly and this rash is driving me mad ! I will post again and tell you how I get on.

    Lynda xx

  • Hope it goes well today Lynda and you get some answers.

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