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computer problems

my computer has been playing up for several days now and some of friends are aware of this. I had friends for tea today and heavily bribed the husband of the couple with chocolate cake to look at my pc.

I have supported both friends with illness, the wife before my illness and the husband after my own started failing.. he had major neck surgery earlier this year and as his wife doesnt drive since her illnesss I took him to one of the local private hospitals for mri scan and to see consultant etc.(I was in a bad flare at the time!), but thats what friends do!, look to help each other and If I can help some one I will !the same applies to this site.

Any way I thought he looked tired and drawn but he still came and looked at my computer.. the upshot is the hard drive is badly damaged and could fail at ant time.. he has found a shop were I can get one for £35 but because of commitments he and I have I cant have it installed once I have bought it until begIning of october because we both have seperate holidays planned near end of sept..

I will stay as long as this pesky thing keeps working.. I need to back all the data on the hard drive which will take a while

Alison xx

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Oh dear about your computer, they're such an essential part of our lives. I hope your pc keeps going til you can get it mended. It's very nice of you to let us know, in case you go off line and we all wonder what's happened

Xx c


Thanks for keeping us informed Alison, we would have been wondering where you had got to.

Hope it holds out for you!

Take care

mand xx


Hope your computer holds out! take care Julie x


Hi Alison, what a nuisance and a blessing computers are. Very good of your friend to help out - I am sure he did not need the chocolate cake!

If you need to chat (if computer gives up the ghost completely ) you have my phone number. Give me a ring. LavendarLady x


working at moment.. trying to back up my pharm stuff and pics oh dear..


Hi Alison, did wonder where you'd got to and after Julie55 leaving I was starting to get worried!!

Since finding this site, reading the blogs from you all, getting support throughout bad times, feeling not nearly so lonely as I was, first Julie leaves then Tilda, ugh don't like it!!!!

But your back :) x


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