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Partial Knee Replacement

well i was in to see the orthopaedic surgeon yesterday and he has decided the only thing to do with my knee is a partial knee replacement, not sure of a date yet, but ive been looking up about partial knee replacement and all i will say is OUCH!!! but if it means no pain i will go along with anything.

Has anyone had a partial knee replacement and if so how you doing with it?

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Ashton, i have had a total knee replacement and i wish i'd never had it done,but i have to say some who have had it done find it very successful,i can't comment on the partial replacement, but i will wish you well and i hope it helps you. Please keep us posted of your progress.



Thanks sylvi x


Hi, I've had both my knees replaced (total replacements), it is much tougher than having hip replacement (and I've had both hips replaced too!) - but when I think of the pain beforehand its more than well worth it!


My sister is waiting on a partial knee replacement in Oxford, any day now. She is in terrible pain, long wait,, had the joint tidied up about a year ago which gave her some time, but has gOtten worse & worse pain wise.

Good luck, gina


i had my joint tided up in Feb but my knee is much worse. My conslt told me as i work for the hospital trust he will bumped me up the waiting list, some perk that is, but if it gets me sorted sooner i appreciated it.


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