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Hi everyone two weeks ago my youngest daughter and I went for a couple days to London. Being late as usual we were on our way to the station when I realised that I had left home without my walking stick. Anyway too late to go back for it so I thought oh I will manage. Anyway big mistake cause we did the tube thing and the popping up and down escalators so by the second day I was walking like Long John Silver minus the parrot. On a happier note we saw Lion King and it was brilliant and at least my knee didnt play up till the second day. Second evening in the Big Smoke we got all dolled up to go to dinner and as I was doing my pirate impression we went for a meal in a Greek restaurant just over the road from the hotel. That was as far as I could walk. The moral of this story is "dont go to London without your stick".

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oh dear pleaed you had a good time.. folding walking stick is quite handy. though on the plus if you forgot it your mobiltiy must have improved?? xx


Hi Sharon,hope you had a good time anyway. I saw Lion King some years ago in London when a friend and I went up for a week - also went to see Chicago as well. I must admit I always have to have my stick with me if doing any walking etc. The tube is a nightmare for anyone with RA - all those stairs and trying to get on and off escalators. The worst was in Russia last year going down the steepest escalator I had ever seen in St. Petersburg. I had to turn and face the wall as looking down made me giddy. Hubby had to stand in front of me in case I fell! They are that deep apparently as were designed to be nuclear shelters in case of an attack.

I have to go to Eastbourne next April to meet up with hubby who is there for a conference so will be travelling by train + stick. Intend to get a taxi across London to Victoria from Kings X - can't face the tube on my own.

LavendarLady x


Just to let you know Victoria line to kings x is closed from victoria station so taxi is definitely the best option x


Hi Sharon,

We went to London to the festival of remberance and we used the taxis. The drivers are helpful and the cost is not too bad compared to the underground. Also it is much easier. Glad you had a good time. You could have brought a stick in london in any of the gift shops. A thought for the next time, although i don't think you'll forget again. Sadly a hard lesson to learn. Don't be put off going again.

Sylvia. XX


Hi Sharon

Lovely to hear from you again. Glad to see you had a nice trip out to London shame about the limp! You didn't go and do a bit of freelance shopping did you??

You were very brave taking the tube. Hope you are now resting up and your leg is getting better. Take care.

Julie xxx


Hi Julie yes knee better now. We were trying to save money using the tube but I think those Oyster cards are a bit of a racket for a start you have to buy the dam thing for £5. Then you are never sure when its going to run out its all very complicated. Sorry for the rant. Anyway being down there made me appreciate the little market town I live in I couldnt handle living in London.


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