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trip to bedworth,why did i bother

Got my big scooter out to go to bedworth to see gp. Got over there alright. I went and took some shoes to the cobblers for my daughter. All ok at this stage. Went into the new tescos. This is where things changed. Got the bread that i went in there for. Got to the checkout this is where it went tits up. Got the bread on the counter,then my bag got stuck in the lever that sends me forward,went into the man in front of me,then some trolleys and a bench. Nearly went through the wwindow. I was very shook up. The poor man i sent him my apologies via one of the staff. I've rattled all my poorly joints. The staff were lovely to me,concerned about me and was i ok. I felt a right fool i can tell you.

Went to the doctors and guess what got another course of antibiotics. Thats the 4th course since xmas. I wonder when this is going to end. Back home and i thought nothing else can happen. Wrong i got home and into the garage and stopped it without hitting anything!!! Tried to get my blanket out of it and it and it can't the lever that moves the front up and down,the damm thing went straight down on my knees and i couldn't get it off my legs. Thank god my grace was there to help me get it sorted out. Have come in and sat down and am having a cup of tea. I don't think i am going very far for the next few hours.

Hope you all have a laugh at my exploits.


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i feel really bad at laughing at you Sylvi at what would have been a horrendous experience but i have to admit that was very very funny - you and that scooter!

Are the antibiotics stronger ones - hoepfully that will clear them up.


Now i think about it it is funny, i hope petes not on here as i will get it from him,he's a big one for taking the wee wee. I hope you didn't wet yourself laughing at me. I am on another 7 day course.

I tell you if its going to wrong today it will. Hubby just got into his car to come home from work and guess what the fan belt went and he has had to get recovery out to try and sort the problem. I tell you its like a b""""y comedy in my house today.

love sylvi.xx


Sounds like a carry on comedy over there, at least you can laugh about it...and nobody was hurt!



It got better later on,when my hubbys car broke down. The fan belt broke as he was starting to come home.He was stiil in the car park. He had to get recovery to bring him home. He was in leamington spa and he was brought home all the way to the other side of coventry. Just wonder whats going to happen next. I have to laugh otherwise i would cry.

The nsad thing is my friend is 80 today and we was going to go over there with her birthday present. She is a dear friend and i wished i could go over to hers,she was very sweet about it. Her son came down from up north for her birthday and he was involved in an accident on sunday. Must be something in the air.



Hi Sylvie,

You poor thing, I could'nt believe you were in Tescos on your scooter, after all you have been thru of late?

Hopefully, these anti biots will work, taking so many surely cant be the best for you, where is the infection? still the chest?

I find my sister often, has to have many different anti biots to clear her infections, why dont they just prescribe a really strong one first as last, like Augmentin duo? The U. K. system is very strange in some ways.

Hope you get some peace soon.



You know, Are those antibiotics the same ones you have already taken? Looks like they aren't working! Or did you get a different one this time? Did someone ever order the test for culture and antibiotic sensitivty of sputm you cough up, that would determine which antibiotic to use.

You and that scooter must be well known around town by now :) Oh my gosh, I am picturing you running into the guy ahead of you and then on into the

trolleys, heading for the window!! You must have been scared silly!!

Hope you didn't smash the bread! Poor Sylvi! What some people won't due when they have been shut in for too long!


I knew it would make people laugh,and i must admit now it looks funny. I will just be so embarased to go back in a hurry. Everyone was very kind to me. I think that as i felt so ill i didn't watch what i was doing.

I still don't feel very well. I won't be doing much talking today. I'm very stiff as well. I did sleep well last night,i took 3 of the amytriptaline.

I am glad everyone had a laugh.

love sylvia.xx


I do hope your not too battered and bruised, but my God woman, what's the bloody key for? turn it off. I learnt the hard way too lol. please do take care.



Philip, i just didn't have time to even think of that. I'm very stiff this morning. Thank you for caring.

Sylvi. x


Next time get a nice friend to go with you and take you in their car.. I would if I was nearer then "hire one of the supermarkets own scooters.. most supermarkets have them ! xx

Take Care x


Ours is a little tesco,if i went to walsgrave triangle i would use them. The asda in nuneaton has them as well. I like to be able to go out on my own,its my independence. Its a new tesco and i don't like it as its now upstairs and the car park is under it. It has been open since december after a rebuild,they have a travelator which there have been accidents on. The lift is not the biggest either. I try not to go in there very often if i can help it.



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