Been away on a road trip!

Been away on a road trip!

Hi All,

I can see you have been busy blogging away without me. Missed you all. My sister & I took our mum of 83 to Wexford which is south east of Dublin for a 3 day mid week break and we had a FANTASTIC time! I drove (my little automatic) on its first trip, we just relaxed in the fabulous memory foam mattress beds, and slept in afternoon, got up when suited and did some sight seeing. I think that little trip has restored my self confidence, first time in 3 years I have done something totally on my own (well mum & sis) but not husband & family. Realised I could get a case in and out of car, could ask for help from staff in hotel and get it! Only one thing, we stayed an extra night and too late I realised it was methroxate day!!! ah to hell I just took it next day, made no difference, and I had a good few glasses of wine, a few warm glasses of wine ,in room with my sis who is 60 this year, god we laughed, this is terrible, but my ole mum said that a terrible 'satsuma' in Japan. We did'nt realise at time was such a tradgedy, we laughed and laughed! Anyway, just left my sis to airport, on her way back to Oxford, I miss her already!

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  • Gina,

    So glad you had a lovely time! I laughed at your Mum's comment too I know its a terible tradgedy but we still need to laugh in life.

    Your break sounded perfect, and as for doing things that your husband normally does I think that we get looked after too well sometimes by our familys and dont do things that maybe we could.

    I am sure a day late on your methotrexate wont cause a problem and glad you enjoyed your wine xx

  • Pleased you had a good break X, you can take methotrexate up to 3 days late, any later you miss the dose for that week ,one day late is no problem. mmm nice glass of wine.. I have a half one (glass that is not bottle, well actually I buy those minature bottles,they are great ideal), not too heavy to pack lol, you get 4 for £5 AT ASDA or Morrisons. I would love to go to any part of ireland, either Dublin or the scenic coast.

  • Hi Alison, I had not a pain or a bit of tiredness when I was away, awake half the night with sore toes and legs last night and feel quite sore tday, ah well was worth it wonder if it was the driving, the stress of saying goodbye to my sister again, or being back in the bosom of my family!!! Prob the driving. You would never get 4 sml bots of wine for a fiver in Dublin! Yeah, I love Ireland too, despite all the crap lately! Ah well back to work tomorrow, hohum! x

  • Gina, yes I know what you mean about not getting 4 bottles of for a fiver, I bet it was amlost if not over a fiver for a glass off wine there.

  • sorry having never been to ireland ,didnt realise it is so dear, in uk standard wine bottle is bout £5, these minatures are one glass only. if i come to ireland ,will bring my own alcohol hic, is petrol dear too? nad thorny question do you pay for presciptions?, it will be £7.40 in april in england xx

  • Hi, your trip sounded lovely, i am off to Ireland at Easter, two friends and mys elf have hired a gypsy caravan and horse and going through county Wicklow for a week stopping off at pubs along the way ! When we booked this i had no idea i had RA, my friend has since got a broken arm and my other healthy friend has informed us she has an allergy to horses! so we will be armed with a whole load of drugs to get us through the week, we must be mad, no memory foam mattress fo me, will need another holiday after that !lol

  • Alison, I pay €120 per month for my family for meds (all me in my case & youngest's pill!) thats the max you have to pay, if you don't have a medical card which gives you prescriptions & GP for free. However, once two of you are working there is no chance of a medical card ,no matter how sick you are, I feel sometimes I am working just to pay med bills ( that and my forever art student son!) After I pay the €120 I can gobble as many pills potions & lotions & injections as i need as long as have a script. Luckily, I work for a private health insurer, so have great cover for private in patient or surgical procedure care - had it 25 years unused for the five of us in all that time, but boy have I made up for that in the last 3 years!!!

    #My sister just gone back to U.K. says petrol is dearer there, (she lives in southern England) it has just gone up to €1.50 a litre here.

    @Kaz, you mad thing! a gypsy caravan, did'nt know such a thing existed, hope they don't mistake you for travellers (pikeys is your term I believe) and beat u up! Only joking, sounds fab but you do know Wicklow is totally mountainous!!! its very close to Dublin, in fact I can see the Wicklow mountains from my office in Dublin city. You should visit Glendalough (Glendalock to you!) and The Sally Gap! fantastic views! You will find the people very friendly I'm sure. You can always tether the horse & cart outside a nice hotel with memory foam beds and check in if it gets to much for you! If you need anymore tips or advise pls ask. At your service.

    Happy St Patricks Day. - An Padraig Le Fheile. Slan Leat (goodbye in Irish/Gaelic) Gina.

  • Happy St Patricks day to you Gina ! I hope we don't get mistaken for pikeys ! lol . Any tips on places to visit would be great, we want to have a proper irish night out in a pub, lots of music and dancing and any other places that you can recommend. We are starting out from a farm near Ashford and the horse does about 8 miles a day, not sure if thats diesel or unleaded ha ha.

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