My holiday with pain

As you all know we are up north staying in Whitley bay for the week. We came up last year as well and we had a lovely time then and we have had a lovely time this year as well with the exeption of my health which has let me down big time. It was at Alnwick gardens that it hit me hard. I had had a lovely time scootering round the gardens taking photos and generally having a lovely time. After some lunch we headed for the castle and then the trouble started,they have cobbles inside the castle moat which played hell with my spine and right up my neck. I couldn't go into the castle itself as i felt that bad. Any way i sat in the main entrance and had a cup of tea,then i had to go to the loo and was promptly sick and i sat there in the loo crying.

Next day we went to Holy island(Lindasfarne) and if your disabled don't bother going. No disable access anywhere i could find,though they are good with parking for the disabled so much so you could park your car right near the castle,but we didn't even get there. We gave up and went to Berwick on Tweed which was lovely and warm,but by then i was too tired to really appreciate it. So home we came.

Yesterday we went to Tynemouth which was lovely as well. We went down to the pier right to the lighthouse on the left side of the river heading inland. I have got some lovely photos before we went and had tea and scone each. Then we went up the street and found a lovely shop called raspberry bizaar and i got a lovely dress for £20 ask Caroline as she saw it today. Anyway the next place to visit was the priory ruins,by which time hubby (bless him) saw that i was flagging fast so he said it was time to go home. By the time we got home i had to lie down and i slept for an hour.

This morning we just went into town to get some presents to take home. Boy was it cold out anyway we stopped for a drink and the lady in the shop suggested a little gift shop just up the road and it was great little place and i got a few gifts. Then we came home as we were expecting a visit from a good friend who also suffers like me. and what a visit it was. I love being with that lady and we had lunch together and a good natter for a good old time and it went too quickly,but the good news is we have booked to come up next year again.

Sorry for such a long post,but there is so much more i could say about this week,but it will kep for another post another day. xxxxxx

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  • Hats off to you Sylvi.You really are a trooper.You have made the best of a week away which could have turned out very differently because of your health.You have given it your best shot and managed to do so many lovely things even though you have not always felt up to it.Glad you enjoyed your lunch with your friend that was a nice way to end the holidays.

    My husband is like yours he recognises when things are getting too much for me and is happy to cut the day short to make it easier for me- we are very lucky to have such great guys behind us!

    Have a rest now your hone and you can look forward to next years trip and start planning what you can do.

    Take care.



  • Glad you've had a lovely time xx

  • Well despite everything you had a good time saw some lovely and interesting places and write about it to make it enjoyable to readers.

    Now take it easy if you can.xx

  • Sylvi,   I think holidays can be frought with problems, well for me anyway !!    I have all my home comforts, my riser/recliner chair, my very comfy bed, my bathroom designed for my mobility problems etc etc.  So going on holiday tends to be difficult because normally my holiday accommodation is not equipped the same as home.  I guess you will be experiencing the same problems !!  Then there's getting about, so much to see and do, but usually the places I want to go are way too difficult to access, so that causes frustration as well.      

    We have found a hotel in Majorca that caters so well for me, we never go anywhere else now, they put a wonderful mattress on bed for me,  give us our own table in dining room with masses of space to get around and have some wonderful rooms with adapted bathrooms, wider doors etc.  They even get me a mobility scooter for the whole of my stay at a very cheap rate.    There is a flat promenade right outside hotel stretching for two miles so I am up and down that every day.  We are going in the autumn for three weeks, it is such an easy option for us to manage.     Our daughter, son in law and grandson are joining us for one,of the weeks of our stay as it will be Autumn half term and we will love having Luke with us.

    I love holidays in UK but I am finding them too problematic nowadays.  

    Our son in law comes from Middlesbrough and Luke goes there often when they go to stay with his other nana.  They are frequent visitors to the area where you are holidaying and Luke just adores it, he specially loves Whitley Bay and the coastal areas, mind he always reckons it's much colder up there than here in Shropshire.  His favourite place of all is Whitby, where he says there is the best fish and chips !!! 

    Enjoy the last of your hols Sylvi,  take care Lynda xxx

  • Hope you can manage that mix of rest and adventure. In my experience Lindisfarne is best viewed from a distance! The coast between Berwick on tweed and north Berwick is nice for future reference.

  • Glad y had a good holiday the break will help with those aches and pains xxx

  • Good to hear you've managed quite well all to told over your week away, even through your pain. Now rest before you do anything else. Xxx

  • Thank you all for your lovely comments. Today is our last day here and we go home tomorrow and my comfy recliner and bed is beckoning me. This morning we went to a market in Tynemouth station and i got a lovely pink cardigan. Afterwards we had lunch out and came back here whereby i promptly fell asleep on the sofa for an hour. Not doing much for the rest of the day either just resting and packng everything up.Hugs to you all.xxxx

  • @Sylvi I loved reading about the places you visited, I used to live in Northumberland, know them all so well, brought back good memories. Glad you had a holiday in such a beautiful area, and managed to get about; take good care of yourself.

  • Thank you @Aelfreda and everyone else fore your comments. I have enjoyed my stay despite my health letting me down and we will be back next year.xxxxxx

  • I still live inthe North East nearer to Durham now. But did live in a little village called Warkworth just after Amble and before Alnwick. Ive been to all the lovely places you mentioned but thecweather

  • Went through Warkworth  @Martinilady when we went to berwick.xxxx

  • The weather is much colder. X

  • Oh that all sounds lovely!  You are a fighter!

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