Good morning all, i hope this post finds you all well or as well as you can be.This might be long so please bear with me. Well three days before we go hom on Monday and though i am enjoying myself i will be glad to be in my own bed,why you ask. Well the bed i am in is too soft and i can't raise it like my own bed. I get up with terrible back ache which does ease after drugs and movement. This morning i think i have got up with a cold,last night i had a sneezing fit. My eyes have a Sjorgens flare in them and are very sore most of the time. It has been months since they were this bad. By lunchtime i have had enough and this week has proved how bad it has been for me,i sat in the toilet when we were at my favorite place and just cried. Will come to that later. I have been out at night just once since we have been here as i have been too exhausted to out anymore.

  Monday when we got here after a very good drive up from the Midlands,oh forgot we are in Whitley bay the other side of Newcastle. So in the afternoon we just trundled down to the town and beach and i had a field day with my camera catching some beatiful flowers and scenery.

  Tuesday was my bestest day as we went to Alnwick castle and gardens(this is where i hit the brick wall of exhaustion) The weather was beautiful and wall to wall sunshine.We went round the gardens first and i got some great shots of the fountains(as you can see) We went into the poison garden which was fun and the walled garden(pity we can't post more than one photo as i have hundreds from here) The cherry blossom was late flowering this year so we have missed that sadly,but we had a great time. Everyone who helps run the place was lovely to us (well me really) As soon as we got there they got me a good big scooter that they let you use which is so kind of them as they don't charge for use of it. We stopped for some lunch and after lunch we headed for the castle via another garden tended by children whose schools each had their own little plot which they tended themselves which i thought was a lovely idea. So we trundle of up to the castle and so far so good.Anyway we get to the entrance and the paths are all cobbles and the trouble started for me. We got round the outside and the Fusilier museum(which wasn't very big,a bit disappointed for hubby as that was his regiment) and then it started for me. My back ached by this time and as we headed for the castle itself the fatigue,exhaustion and pain started to kick in. We got to the entrance and i told hubby i couldn't go in as i felt that bad and as i knew he wanted to see this i told him i would go and get a cuppa and wait for him. So that was what i did after telling him to take his time. Anyway after the cuppa i started to feel sick so went to the loo and was sick and that was where i sat crying(not that i told him that) I didn't get to the treehouse,but i wasn't that worried as i had see the gardens which was what i wanted to see anyway.

  Wednesday we didn't do too much as a army friend of hubbys came over from Newcastle who we hadn't seen in a long while and very enjoyable it was too. So afte rhis visit we just went to Blyth and had lunch and had a mooch round the shops(no handbag yet)

  Thursday,we went to Holy island(Lindasfarne) what a disappointment that was i can tell you. We got into the church which was beautiful(more photos in here) the ruins i couldn't get into as no ramp. That was the problem i found over there. We tried to go to the castle,but it was very cold over there and i was getting to feel ihe cold in my bones. So we left there and went to Berwick-on-Tweed (which hubby wanted to go too as it was the furthest north either of us had been) it was a lot warmer there and after a spot of lunch we trundled round the town. Then we came home where we watched the Queens birthday celebrations. Had a shower and laid down for a sleep with the intention of going out for a drink with hubby,well that went out of the window as i fell into a deep sleep for nearly two hours.

  So here is Friday and i am hoping we are not going very far today as i need a bit of a break from travelling. I have enjoyed my time here and i still have three more days up here before we go home.Tomorrow a ra friend from Newcastle is coming over for a visit which i will enjoy very mch indeed.  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ps. the man in the photo wasn't hubby.

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  • Hi sylvi you make that part of the country sound lovely, I hope all your remaining days are great with no pain, lovely photo too xxxx

  • Thank you it is worth a visit.xxxxx

  • Try to enjoy the rest of your holiday Sylvi it sounds like a lovely place it just sounds like your just not feeling to well I hope it comes to nothing though take care xx Dawn 

  • Sylvi, have you tried the hot flannel treatment for your eyes?

  • Oh Sylvie, have an  easy day today so hopefully you can enjoy the rest of your holiday you are lucky with the weather. Alnwick Castle is beautiful but it is tiring getting around it especially on a warm day. As for Holy Island just getting there is a mission. 

    Have you tried the Quayside in Newcastle no cobbles although parking would be difficult.

    Take Care and keep forgetting to tell you my husband loves the potato masher you recommended.


  • Oh Sylvi.

    Sorry it hasn't met up to your expectations as you were really looking forward to this.Perhaps the soft bed has been partly responsible for your problems.If you are waking up with backache and pain and probably not sleeping well you are starting off on a back foot before you start out in the mornings.My hubby is in good health but if we are away and he sleeps in a soft bed it completely floors him for a few days,so it's quite understandable how it would affect anyone in not so good health.

    You still have 3 days left to enjoy but feet up and take it easy today and give yourself a chance to get some rest and recover a little in time for the handbag hunt.

    Hope you feel better tomorrow and for the rest of the holiday,so you can enjoy yourself,and that the pain and tiredness allows to do just that.

    Lots of love,



  • Been just up the road to Tynemouth with the intention of going along the pier to the lighthouse and then the museum. Well we did the pier and went and had a cup of tea and a scone and a nosey round the village where i got a lovely dress. Then we headed for the museum and i felt like i had hit a brick wall and so here i am resting again and its only just after one in the afternoon.xxxx

  • North east is such a lovely part of the country to visit. I am so sorry your holiday has been less than it should be because of your pain and fatigue.  I hope the flare calms down soon; you so deserve the break. 

    It is such s shame about linisfarne not catering fully for those who need a ramp. I was luck that I visited before the mobility problems and it is well worth going. 

    Alnwick is brilliant and my kids loved running round the gardens and looking at everything; I bet you have some wonderful photos! 

    Take care and feel better soon.

    Big hug


  • Oh dear, I was really hoping the trip would do the world of good for you but it seems not so much. I know what's made you even more tired, you've been playing quidditch up at Alnwick haven't you?! Well, I hope you can enjoy the remainder of your hols then once home you can have a good sleep in your own bed. x

  • hello,you are in a fab part of England! Druridge Bay is worth a visit.easy parking.long sandy beach.try resting up and doing nothing for a while except admiring the views.enjoy your hold.

  • that should be holiday! the curse of predictive text.

  • oooo you make me want to come over the ocean to visit! Take best care of yourself, my variegated friend. Maybe in the list of priorities rest needs to rise in the priorities? It sounds like you've made some pretty big expectations of yourself, and you've accomplished so much! xxxx

    Bats (also variegated)

  • Wow bats so nice to know your still with us darling i so miss having you around. This country of ours is so worth a visit darling there are so many places for you to see you will be spoilt for choice.In June we are of to cornwall for two weeks and that will be a different experience altogether darling. I have been resting all afternoon as tomorrow we are of to a market in the next place to ours so tonight i wil be taking it easy. It has turned suddenly very cold here where we are staying and i think today thats why i hurt so much. Once again so lovely to hear from you darling and hhugs from your varigated friend.xxxxx

  • Sounds like you have been overdoing things a bit. Hope you are rested now. We love it up there and spend every Christmas in Seahouse /  Bamburgh. 

    There is a wonderful handbag shop in Alnwick by the way.

    Hope you are feeling better now xx

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