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Taking MTX on holiday?

I am due on holiday in September for 2 weeks in (hopefully) sunny and warm St Lucia. Just started on 7.5mg MTX. I like to have a drink when on holiday. Could I miss a dose in the middle and take before and after holiday?

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I stopped taking Leflunomide 20mg daily for 3 weeks (before and during my holiday) last year, never had any problems but I did suffer in the weeks following my holiday until it built up in my system again.

People often have to miss a dose due to ill health or blood values, as long as you already have it in your system I can't see a problem as most DMARD's stay in the body for sometime after stopping them.

Go off enjoy your holiday but take plenty painkillers just in case.

Beth xx.


Having been on MTX for many years, I suggest that you don't miss any doses as this may cause a "flare-up" which will spoil your holiday. 7.5mg is only a small amount and having a drink in moderation should be OK.


At risk of sounding a bit grumpy Richard - I wouldn't stop taking the 7.5 unless I absolutely had to because of monitoring problems - let alone just for a holiday? Is it making you feel very ill or is this just because you want to have a few drinks? I would say you shouldn't drop a dose until it's been in your system for a much longer time at a higher dose if you want it to actually work.

If you read my question below yours I'm contemplating dropping a dose tomorrow but that's because I've been taking it for over 8 months and it has made me very sick recently and now I've got a horrible cold to boot so just really fancy a proper break to recover myself a bit.

Going on holiday to St. Lucia would seem a wonderful luxury to me and I certainly wouldn't want to risk a flare up or slow down the effects of a new drug that might help my RA if I were you. You could have a few drinks anyway as it's a low dose and probably won't make any difference - although I've found that even one drink seems to play havoc with my liver now I'm taking MTX - but that's just me I think ;-(

Have a good time away and get some vit D down you for me too. Tilda x


I went to mexico last Septemeber after having started on MTX in the August. We were all inclusive so I still had a few drinks(although not as many as on a previous holiday). I don't think it caused me any problems although now I am on 20mg I only have the odd drink as I just don't feel like it. My rheumatologist did give me a kenalog injection before I went(at her suggestion to make me feel better able to enjoy the holiday) so that may be worth asking about.

Have a good time

Lottie x


Hi Richard

I was on methotrexate and still drank at the weekends ! It won't hurt not taking the MTX for a week or so as it will still be in your system anyway.

Don't let this disease ruin your holiday, go off and have a few drinks and bliming enjoy yourself, life is too short.

Have a great time




Many thanks for all your very helpful advice and comments. Much appreciated. I think I will continue to take MTX on holiday. Just have to give this 'moderation?' a try!!!

Be well or as best as possible!



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